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Stay under the protection of the Most High – Anna


Stay under the protection of the Most High

December 6, 2021 3:53 PM

Hi Friends from 444 News

my name is Anna, I received this dream at the end of 2019 which marked me a lot, it was very vivid and very shocking, I remember it as if it was yesterday

this dream greatly surprised me at first I did not understand the time what it could mean but now I understand much better … I was in a wooden house it was a shelter with other people who discussed and rejoiced. suddenly I decided to look through the window what was happening, I understood that everyone who was in this house with me was under the protection of God

Outside I saw people and I knew it was dangerous to leave the house, I saw large birds that had a very strange shape they were white but their face was devilish and a little repulsive however they approached with great speed to the men who were outside the house and they began to talk to them, they took a pleasant and seductive voice to deceive the men and show them a nice and pleasant face . As soon as they started talking to them, the men and women could not resist their seduction and deception. They would ask for permission to put their beaks in their ear, to which everyone would say yes. (suprisingly!!) They would inject their beaks into the brain of every human being in 2 stages, the first injection was very painful and the second one made them completely mentally handicapped, I could hear 2 awful noises in their brain, the first one was a form of unlocking noise to access a specific area of the brain, which was very painful for every human being and the second one completely destroyed them. Then people became like autistic and wandered around having lost all mental or intellectual faculties, a bit like autistic people, they became unable to communicate and stayed there walking without being able to think or interact. The scene was very painful to watch, I knew that these birds who were obviously demons could not come into the house or even approach where we were, but they attacked all those who were not in the house, that is to say under the protection of God. I was the only one looking out of the window as all the other Christians were rejoicing by the fire and together in love and joy in the house, this awful scene prevented me from rejoicing and I was heartbroken to see how all those birds were destroying the men and women who were outside, the birds stripped them all of their brain functions in 2 stages. today i think it’s about vaccines … that destroy humans in 2 steps. In my dream what these birds did was irreversible, it made my heart ache almost to the point of crying.

Please Do stay under His Protection, it is not time to go out of His Shadow, remain and abide in Christ, this is a Warning!

Love you All

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