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Stars falling, shadow giants – Victor T


Stars falling, shadow giants

October 7, 2020 10:40 PM
Victor T

Dream July 2020
I saw stars falling from the sky. Fireworks were being shot up to hid the fact that the stars were falling. I suddenly realised that I was viewing all of this from our back yard. I saw what looked to me like a city hovering over our town. This city was like a black shadow but had bright yellow out lines. I then saw black shadow giants, they also had the same bright yellow outlines. The swords in their hands were outlined in red. These giants were walking around our town looking for people to kill. After seeing this I told my mother that we should leave town before the next earthquake. It would be much more dangerous by then.

Dream July 2020
I saw one firework, then found myself standing inside our house. All of a sudden the wind started blowing stronger and stronger, outside it became dark red from the dust. The curtains in our house were being blown around. My family and I tried to close the windows as quickly as possible. We came together and prayed. The wind started slowing down.
I went to the sitting room where my father showed me a book with a list of all the righteous people. He told me that the witches also had these lists and prayed to satin to destroy these individuals. A car pulled up outside and I handed my sister a gun.

Dream 14/7/2020
I dreamt that there was a new update for my pc. After the download the icon background had little cartoon monsters with three eyes in it. These monsters looked a-bit like the ones from futurearma and they were moving around. Among the monsters were gay men who wore weird style clothing. When I Clicked on google the same cartoon characters appeared. Everything on the screen looked unfamiliar as if we moved into a new technology era. Everything on the screen was bright and multicoloured. The screensaver showed you a moving diagram of your information being moved into and out of the cloud.


It would be appreciated if someone could please interpret the first two dreams.



Victor T

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