Stampede of People – Shirley King

Stampede of People

Don’t wait until Chaos

Jan 25, 2020
Shirley King

my neighbor called and asked me to ride to Jewels with her,,, I agreed, I needed a few items from the store as well,,, when we arrived at the store there were not many people in the entire store maybe twenty if that many,,, nice elevator music was playing,, rather calming, ,, we stroll to the meat counter laughing and talking,,, I told her that I’m going to get the items I came for, and I meet back up with her,,, the moment I walked away from her and stepped in the isle,,,

The Holy Ghost pulled me into a vision,, I’m in this same store,, but now its stampede full people were running,, grabbing,, pushing,, shoving,,, I could feel the intensity of their fear,, I stood there holding myself,, and saying oh God,,, oh God,,,, and then I was pulled out of the vision,,,

I’ve shared this many times before,,, while it is yet calm,, get what you will need,,, don’t wait until chaos and get what’s left

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