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SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRAYER for Your Loved One (based on a grandmother’s prayer) – Averine Pennington



(based on a grandmother’s prayer)

February 9, 2022 11:19 AM
SUBMITted by Averine Pennington

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May this prayer and accompanying scriptures be a helpful tool for those in the body of Christ who may be dealing with increased spiritual attacks from our adversary. Satan knows his time is short, so he is stepping up his game. From personal experience, I know his attacks are relentless. If he cannot get to you one way, he will try another. He sometimes attacks those you love the most, even vulnerable young children because they are easy prey and less mature in their faith. In recent months, I am aware of at least four children (ages 10 – 13) who have been traumatized by severe spiritual attacks. (Be vigilant! Be aware of what your children watch on TV, and any other technology . . . games, internet, tik-tok, YouTube, social media, music, books on magic or witchcraft, or any other means by which the enemy may gain a stronghold. Anoint and pray over your homes.) THIS IS THE TIME WE ARE LIVING IN! We must put on our armor and STAND READY to defend against any of the dark forces of the enemy. We must take the authority that has been given us through the name of Jesus and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! Our Lord is counting on His Warriors of Faith! Souls are at stake!

Yours for the Harvest, Averine


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