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Spiritual Warfare – Christian Robert


Spiritual Warfare

October 1, 2020 1:51 AM
Christian Robert

DATE RECEIVED: 09/24/2020
+ pdf manual attached below

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The Lord once told me that the day would come where we would only have HIM, and nothing else.

As gross darkness comes the attacks of the enemy increase and it is critical God’s children use the spiritual weapons He has provided to us in His Word. Many Christians tend to use two or three of them, but the Lord has made available many more.

During a war, depending on the situation, we are called to use different weapons. The disciples tried to cast out a demon once but it failed. Jesus told them “this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17).

Over time the Lord has been showing me different spiritual weapons that He provided, and I had already shared the resulting spiritual warfare manual on this site. But this has been a project that has evolved with time, and once again, on September 24th,He gave me another Word on this topic:

Shield yourself with My Spirit. Shield yourself with My Presence.
Shield yourself with My Power. Shield yourself with My Glory.
When you pray in the Spirit you are connected to Me.
Walk around your house praying in the Spirit so you are connected to Me.
You don’t have to be loud. That will shield you. I will answer.

I updated the spiritual warfare manual accordingly. This evening I felt the Lord asking me to send out the manual again as this site has new subscribers. I also added a section with key scriptures that will be needed in the days ahead on the topics of trust, protection, confidence in Him, do not fear, authority to fight the enemy, strength and help from the Lord.

The idea being that when the day comes where Bibles are banned and all online Christian content is removed, if you printed it out, punch holed it and placed it in any binder, for yourself or others left behind, you or they would have access to this manual during those difficult days. There will be a famine for the Word of God. How valuable can such a manual be during such a time as this.

In Him,
Christian Robert


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