Oct 20, 2019 6:49AM
Cornell D’Angelo

The Tabernacle that was established by Moses in the wilderness was brought into the city my David and it became The Tabernacle of David!

In this hour the Lord is establishing or I should say Resurrecting The Tabernacle of David in the hearts of The Pure Sons of God, The Chosen Set Apart Kingdom Forerunners while also making it available to those willing/pre-ordained to die to self completely and have their hearts cleansed with The Blood Of The Lamb to make way for the enthroning therein of The King of kings…Christ Jesus, Yah’shua Hamashiach!!!  In THIS you become a citizen of the Kingdom, a subject in and under The Sovereign Rule of The Millenial KING!  In THIS you are already of The Kingdom Before It Arrives…Thus A TRUE Kingdom Forerunner!!!

This is the meaning of:

“And when he(Jesus) was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there!

for, behold, the kingdom of God

is within you.”

Luke 17:20-21

This is the hour of the birthing of The Man Child…they know who they are and why they are here!  They have been prepared, discipled for years in the wilderness By The Lord Himself for this moment in this hour that is RIGHT NOW!

Becoming a walking Resurrected Tabernacle of David vessel is available to, the destiny of the whole of the remnant.  The forerunners go through what it takes to get there ahead of the rest which is excruciating and the path extremely narrow, paved with great suffering.  They must come into the deepest wisdom of The WAY in order to be equiped to help others through what is required…to lead, enable, encourage and provide the proper knowledge so as not to perish. They must walk In The Ways Of God, HIS WAYS ONLY…THIS Is The NARROWEST OF PATHS!

These initially relatively few become Beacons of Light for others to be guided to, drawn to according to The Will of God The Father.

These leaders that are Kingdom Forerunners become Kings and Priests before the Kingdom arrives.  They will speak Powerful Oracles of God!  How can those predestined to be Kings and Priests that are to Rule With Christ In His Kingdom possibly do this without being in complete submission, without having bowed and yielded in order to be in perfected obedience to their King Jesus, YAH’shua prior to the arrival of HIS Kingdom ???

But know that the few will become many!

The first are these leaders and they will go last because they are bringing in the remnant that are the last that will go first into The Kingdom!

They will walk with a Full Measure of Power and Authority Granted From Above that has never seen before in the Earth…Beyond Imagination!  …Those that according to Acts will do what the Lord Said are the Greater Things!  They are David’s that will govern with an iron rod when the Milenial Kingdom arrives!

All of this is in fulfillment of the desires of Father God and The Word of God that says that God will dwell with His people.  He will dwell with His people in the hearts of His people, His chosen set apart SPIRITUAL ISRAEL…The Remnant Descendants of Abraham!  Those Under The Covenant God Made With Abraham that are the great Spiritual Nation Promised To Abraham!

There are many that come claiming this path but they were not chosen for this path and are not guided by the spirit…They are guided by their blindness and desire for greatness.  They have not become complete Living Sacrifices, have not been purged in the fire.  They have not completely bowed and yielded every part of themselves nor have carried their cross to a complete death of their flesh, nor have they truly been Born Again From Above but only with words that claim this false born-again spirit status. They have not been forever changed into A New Creation In Christ, are not fellow brothers of the First Born but rather serve their father who is satan who brings imposters to distract and disrupt those that seek The Narrow Path, that seek to enter through The Narrow Gate That Is Christ!

And I say beware of those that speak all of these things that I have shared but in the background do not live up to the words they speak hiding in the shadows of their undelivered fallen spiritual state.  Then there are those people that follow too closely, question not enough and parrot everything they say.

Beware that words alone are not life… seek The Lord, The Lampstand for your truth, wisdom and understanding.  Once you do this and you ask the Lord to see what He Sees then your sharpened discernment will show you the truth. He Will show you the imposters that merely speak words but have no life in them because they are a pile of Dead Man’s Bones that parade as false prophets, false teachers filled with stubborn rebellious Pride!  They believe themselves so wise after running forward with only a small piece of what is available to man through a relationship directly with God.  They entice people to become followers of themselves who are men.  Then those misled, deceived people would not dare question anything the man says because they seek man as their guide through the darkness of this world, making them their sole source of light.

Those that rise to such high places sadly give up the True Light and fall victim to the counterfeit light of the angel of false light known as satan by falling into spiritual Pride.

Beware children of God, beware of these people!  You would, you will be very very surprised at those who fall into this category in Facebook, YouTube and all the other social media outlets when the Lord exposes them for who they really are and takes them down for misleading the flock and acting as false shepherds that actually lead people down the broad path that masquerades as the narrow… leading the Sheep to slaughter!

For those with eyes to see

and ears to hear!









October 19, 2019

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  1. JLMichaels

    Thank you for plain and simple truth. One just can’t imagine how many are just full of false teaching and false doctrine. Most often found citing so many others full of the very same false teaching and false doctrine claiming to be well established men and women of faith, yet without a single word of reproof.

    I personally was converted by a near death experience, heart attack, where I was found to be just fuel for the fire in my present walk with our Lord and God of All. Believing everything was just fine until I was shown my personal eternal fate within the Lake of Fire.

    I was revived, spared from certain death, from which point in time I was extremely desperate to save myself from such a fate. Again, feeling most certain that death was nothing to fear as heaven awaited me. Yet now made most clear and certain I was as far from the Kingdom of Heaven as anyone could get.

    It was not easy for me to get our Lord and God’s attention, though I was pleading from that initial point in time for grace, mercy and forgiveness non stop, and I do mean day and night in constant prayer until I would exhaust myself and just pass out. After several weeks I finally received word that I was going to receive the assistance that I needed to become a member of the Kingdom of Heaven and the true family of our Lord and God.

    It all started with reproof of all that I ever was holding onto, being of false teaching and false doctrine needing to stand corrected in all areas of my present personal life. In this world I was well to do as I had my own business and thus a new house, car and a family that had no wants or needs that could not be met. I was shown that this new walk would cost me everything I now had and held dear to me. Family friends and business associates would all walk away and cast me out, leaving me with nothing that we all held in common in my past life. Yet the price of eternal life was well worth it, rather than eternal death and destruction.

    Again, thank you for plain and simple truth, you are a fresh and bright ray of light, stay the course set before you. JLM

  2. Susan Elizabeth

    JLM may I email you please I have had a similar experience with being cast into the lake of fire and was spared and I am trying to test the doctinres I have been taught

    If He allows you only…


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