Spirit of fear – Ruth Johnson

Spirit of fear

Nov 23, 2019, 2:53 PM
Ruth Johnson

Things go bump
In the night
Chilliwacks and bailiwicks
Haunt when there’s no light
What’s your jurisdiction?
Let me chill that for you,
I’m your premonition,
Let me be your guru.
Here we go
Down the path
Of unrelenting fear
Of our future of our past
Of everything we hear.
You are not good enough!
You don’t belong!
You are a freak and have no song!
And if you sing you sing off key!
Hey!!! Are you listening to me???
I am your chilliwack
Ruling your bailiwick
I am your nightmare
Dishing out your dreams
I am your mother I am your father
Your sisters and brothers
Your friends and your lovers
Who do not hear your screams.
No, I create them.
Let’s get some rest
Let’s fall asleep
It was such a trying day.
Oh did you notice?
Everything you tried today?
Let’s think about that
When you’ve read from your book
The one about murderers rapists and crooks
You turn off your lights
And try to zonk out
Without taking a pill
For you have a strong will.
Out goes the lights
But the wi fi is on
The electrics connected
In each wall and pylon
alexa just woke siri
They both woke up your phone
Your computer downloads viruses
Your microwave holds it’s own
My such an active household!
Like beauty and the beasts!
They call it smart and it is!
It fooled you!
Now, where do we start tonight?
How ya gonna send the kids to college?
What if they can’t get in?
Wonder if I will have kids?
We are living in sin!
Wonder if I should get married?
Did I turn off the stove?
Can’t believe I drank so much!
Can’t believe I drove!
Is the check in the mail?
Did I mail the check?
My right hand is numb!
What’s this thing on my neck?!?
I need to call my mother
I need to call the bank
I need to pay my phone bill
I need to walk the plank.
My tooth oh my tooth! Forsooth!
I will have alexa
Make me an appointment
So I can catch a fast train
Straight to dental hell!!!



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