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Speaking in Tounges When Confronted With Evil

March 12, 2022 2:51 PM
Terri Graham

Dream received on 9/17/21

It felt like an ordinary day.
I appeared to be standing in the parking lot of a school and other people were standing there also. We were waiting expectedly for something to happen. It was a nice day and the sky was blue with scattered white clouds.
I was talking with 2 people as we stood there. I saw other people talking and laughing. We all looked up into the sky when we saw white clouds come together and form a massive sized cube. There was a huge face in the cube. One of the people standing with me made the comment “the face looks
angry.” I agreed
I saw another face in the cube and it was facing a different direction.
At this point we were facing the sky with our backs to the school. The cube of clouds came closer to us as we stood and watched.
I suddenly felt an urgency to look into the sky behind us.
When I did I saw clouds that were massive in size and they were rolling in toward us very fast like a swarm of multiple tornados . They were spinning and rolling and covered the dark sky. They were on the opposite side of the school building and were headed towards us.
I saw several people on the ground ( one was my oldest son) in the direction we were now looking.
They were on the opposite side of the school building and were running towards us. I started yelling at them to run and sit along the wall on the opposite side of the tornados coming toward us, and them. I stood in the parking lot and watched them run as fast as they could to get to the school wall where I directed them to go.
I fixed my eyes on the sky and would not look away as the dark rolling clouds came closer and closer.
It felt evil to me. I continued to watch until the dark clouds were now past the group of people along the wall, and was now approx 150 feet in front of me.
I felt as if I were staring evil in the face. I knew I must face it. I didn’t have any fear. I stood watching it until it was nearly on top of me when I saw the dark rolling clouds form into a chair with some type of wheels on the bottom of it. Sitting in this chair was the form of a human, but it clearly was not human. The evil being in the chair came down out of the sky, and rolled until it landed as smoothly as if a plane were landing on a runway. It rolled past me a few feet and turned around easily on the asphalt, and was now facing me. The eyes of this being were pure evil. I stood there and stared at it as it stared me down. I felt as though it wanted me to fear it. I did not. I made eye contact with it and started speaking in tongues.
I’m not sure what happened to the chair, or the evil being sitting in it, but immediately after I started speaking in tongues, it disappeared. The people standing around saw what happened and ran up to me and asked what happened? Where did it go? I recall saying “it confronted me, so I started speaking in tongues.”

Dream ended

God Bless,

Terri Graham


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