Spawns of Satan and their inevitable destruction – Olasubomi Williams

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Spawns of Satan and their inevitable destruction

October 3, 2023, 3:44 AM
Olasubomi Williams

Psalm 21:8-13, Psalm 24:7-10, Bel and the dragon 1:23-28, Daniel 12, 2 Timothy 3:1-17

Children, do not believe everything you see on your news, media and entertainments. For these things are meant to bring fear and chaos into your life. Satan is a chaos bringer. He likes to cause chaos to my children for as much and as long as possible. Soon the chaos in this world will cause Satan to reign and dominate your landscape and you will see hell in all its glory. There will be no peace. Do not be deceived. Peace will be taken from the earth until I come. Anyone promising you peace is lying to you and does not wish well for your soul but rather destruction. Your souls are precious to me. You do not know how precious your soul is to me. When I breathe life into you, I made you mine. I placed my signature in you. My very essence is in you. Even after you fell, I still retained my essence in you. However, Satan wants you to forget that and focus on his own agenda which will cause you chaos and panic. If you have faith in me, and you are truly my own, you will see my blessings poured out in you like a well of water poured upon a man, so shall my love, joy, peace, patience, long suffering, gentleness, meekness, kindness, self control and temperance be poured upon you. My words shall be your fruits. The fruits are your behaviours and characters that reflects who you are as a person. This is why I say, by their fruit, you shall know them. If you eat and consume my fruits, you will have my attributes and see the way I see. This is why my servant David said “I have tasted of the Lord and behold he is good”. I am good. Come to me and taste of me and see for yourself.

However, these spawns of Satan, in whom I will thoroughly wipe out from the face of the earth have no fruits. They are barren entities and have no souls. They are souless, heartless creatures who reflect their father satan whom in all sense is a deceiver. Satan is a master manipulator. He likes to manipulate the mind of men to rebel. He stirs up the heart of men to rebel against me and my followers. This is his common tactic. However, he has taken it up a notch now. He has now created agents with different mixings and different demonic races to create brand new species that are completely abominable to me. You call the aliens, I call them fallen ones and demons. These are demonic creatures with flesh/strange flesh. They are not of me and in the time of the end, many of these entities will come out and deceive mankind. Do you think that every one you see around you are humans, think again. For without my spirit, you will lie with strange flesh and your human pattern will change. If you have lied with these beings in the past, it is time to come to me in prayer and fasting for you have entered into a covenant with demons and fallen entities and the only possible way to come out of it is by prayer and fasting. But in the time of the end, there will be given no such grace, because you will know fully well who these beings are and if you choose to sleep with them afterwards, then your salvation warranty will be null and void.

There will be many of these demonic entities walking around the earth bringing new technologies, breakthroughs and devices to deceive mankind into a false enlightenment; an enlightenment of darkness and hell. Those who choose to accept these deceptive beings and welcome them into your abode will have a part to take in the lake of fire. You should not under any circumstances take in these fallen and souless creatures. When I was with you, abiding by you, you did not welcome me, I who gave you life and gave my life for you and is with you at all times. But you want to welcome a stranger, a wicked entity who you know nothing about into your homes. You are quick to adopt and use technologies given to you by the fallen ones but you will not study my words. I pity your very souls. Repent, and come out of mystery Babylon. Come out of Babylon and the teachings of Babylon. Out of the whore who have defiled herself with her abominations.

In the end, I will cast satan into the abyss and I will destroy and wipe out everyone of these strange flesh. They will be destroyed and cast into the lake of fire that burns for all eternity. Any man or woman that partake in the abominations of strange flesh will also join them and there will be no repentance for them. Come and taste of me and see that I, Yahusha ha masheach am good. Your King, your God and your very High priest. That is all vessel.

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