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Something Terrible Is Coming!

April 28, 2020 11:14 PM

There is a growing sense of impending doom that I can’t put my finger on – so I’m just going to share where the Holy Spirit has been leading me.

I had read a post on this site 444ProphecyNews.com by Jeff Andrews titled Yield to Prayer (4.27.20). This individual had a dream in which he was a grave digger who had to disinter the grave of an infant/toddler. The thing that struck me about this dream was that when this person was shown a glimpse of the age of the child, he could not recall it – only noting that the age added up to three – whether 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years.

The Holy Spirit speaks to me in numbers, so out of curiosity I opened up my bible and I saw ‘After three months we sailed In an Alexandrian ship, whose figurehead was the Twin Brothers, which have been wintered at the island’ from Acts 28:11. I closed the bible thinking what a strange coincidence that was. Then I reopened it to the same spot and saw ‘And landing at Syracuse we stayed three days.’ from Acts 28:12. I closed the bible again. Was the Holy Spirit trying to point something out to me?

I pondered the time frame of three months and three days. Was there anything significant there? I immediately thought of the Jewish holidays where many important events occur (as I was speaking the words ‘ important events’ into my tablet, the words ‘Unfortunate Events‘ appeared instead). Was that some kind of message as well? I started counting three months and three days from April 27, 2020 and came up with July 30, 2020. When I googled ‘Jewish calendar July 30, 2020’ interestingly enough – the holiday ‘Tisha B’av’ popped up, which is celebrated from sundown July 29th to nightfall July 30th of this year.

According to the site Chabad.org

" Tisha B'av, the 9th day of the month of Av, is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar on which we fast, deprive ourselves and pray. It is the culmination of the Three Weeks, a period of time during which we mark the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem."

Perhaps the term ‘Unfortunate Events‘ was not a slip after all.

In my spirit I heard the Holy Spirit say ‘tell them that it’s coming’. Well I wasn’t quite sure what He was referring to – so I’m just putting this out there.

Today 4.28.20 I was watching a YouTube video by Paul Begley titled ‘Megnetar Blasts / Incoming Clusters / Planet X / Mike From Around The World (4.23.20). In this video, Pastor Bagley and Mike From Around The World discuss an incoming asteroid that will be passing close to earth tomorrow 4.29.20 – bringing along a debris field that may impact our earth. As I watched the video for the second time, I started to cry in my spirit – not once but two or three times. I knew then that something terrible was coming to the earth and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

The Lord has repeatedly told us to ‘fear not’ even though we can see what’s coming, as in this scenario. We’re going to really need to keep our eyes focused on Jesus because I believe He is the only way we will make it through the trials and tribulations that we are all about to face.


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    This title caught my attention. My dream I had about 4 days ago which is on my YouTube channel is Titled Something BIG is Coming! Confirmation! We need to be in serious prayer for souls. My spirit was in so much anguish and urgency when I got the dream.


    It was actually 6 days ago I posted the dream on You tube. Partial fulfillment of my 1st dream I put on You tube 6 months ago of lockdown has been fulfilled. Glory to Yahweh.

  3. zac alexander

    I definetly find this post interesting. on april 26th for some reason the lord had me add 90 days to the calendar(if i can remember why i will add that comment, because its driving me crazy right now), which is sunday july 26. but if you do 3 months and 3 days, from you(ps i always liked your posts because the lord speaks to me in numbers also, I just dont ever really hear an audible voice), its july 29th(which is also the islamic holiday of Arafah). He confirmed that the month of May there would be death and this summer we would be attacked( he kept reffereing me to page 669 the parable of aholah and aholibah). I kept trying to get confirmations if this summer was the fiery kick off event, but i havnt gotten any confirmations on that. not supposed to know everything even tho it would be nice.

    Yeah im definetly not one for date setting, because of how the let downs feel. But i felt the urge to say that the lord pointed me in the direction of that same week. Only god knows what will really happen.

  4. zachary alexander

    Well this is definitely interesting. a few days ago (26th) the lord had me add 90 days to the calendar for some reason. which came to July 26th, a sunday, and i thought well that doesn’t mean anything. He confirmed that that the month of May, we will see death and this summer we would be attacked(he kept leading me to page 669 the parable of aholah and aholibah) but he wouldnt confirm that is was the fiery kick off event. Now if you do the 3 months + 3 days(from you) you get July 29th, which is the islamic holiday Arafah(and while typing this message i googled Arafah to learn about it and google had 666,000,000 results).

    Now im not one to ever set dates because I know how it works. But i will tell you that the lord is definitely bringing that week to both of our attentions. And I always like reading your posts because he speaks to me in numbers too, I just dont hardly ever hear an audible voice.

  5. Cryptic1

    I have heard the audible voice of God only once. I actually turned around to see who was talking to me but there was no one there. I think He only does it when He wants to send a very important message.

    Most often I am hearing the Holy Spirit in my spirit. A year ago I honestly heard the Holy Spirit on occasion only. But after reading posts from this site and others which shook me, I started pressing into the Lord. I started reading the bible more, reading more Christian books, really seeking Him. It was then that I started to ‘hear” more from the Holy Spirit.

  6. Pat

    Thanks Cryptic1!

    I ABSOLUTELY appreciate date setting/setters – they provide a way for all people (spiritual or not) to test if a Message is from God or not (Deuteronomy 18:22).

    Plus, this Absolute statement (i.e. “I knew then that something terrible was coming to the earth and there was NOTHING we could do to stop it.”) prevents people from quoting Jonah’s case/”your prayers stop it!”.

    Let’s mark our calendar and pray for HIS Mercy & Saving Grace for all men on earth, and for Individual Instructions to each of us (e.g. to share the Message or NOT; what else to do before the day comes, etc.).

  7. Pat

    The ‘Tisha B’av’ (from sundown July 29th to nightfall July 30th of this year) passed and nothing BIG happened. What Cryptic1 pondered did NOT come to pass.

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