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Yield to Prayer

April 26, 2020 11:26 PM
Jeff Andrews

April 27, 2020

I was awoken around 4am, and rather than get up decided to try to get some more sleep, eventually doing so. Sometime between 4:30am and 6:30am I had a rather vivid dream that I believe was spiritually significant, but I remain perplexed about its meaning. While absolutely certain that I’ll be going back to God seeking discernment, if anyone out there can help add value to the interpretation of this, I’d be very grateful.

The dream itself :

The setting was in a cemetery and I was the grave digger, it was wet and muddy. There was a priest/vicar (whom I actually knew) standing talking with a couple who had their backs to me, but whom I could not identify. I was tasked with going into the cemetery and disinterring the temporary grave of an infant/toddler that I was led to believe was the couple’s young daughter. Finally I managed to carefully remove the small casket and give it to the priest/vicar/pastor. He asked me if I would kindly return to the now empty grave and retrieve the grave marker for the parents, which I did. On picking up the wooden cross I glanced at the name on the small brass plate attached to it – regrettably the only attention to detail I can recall is that the infants name was Arabella. I also consciously looked at the dates on it however the only detail I can recall is that the age added up to 3 (can’t remember whether it was 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years), the size of the casket would suggest no older than 3 years.

Dream ended.

My Comment:

Firstly the dream was in black and white, which for me, tend to convey serious messages from the Lord. From past experiences black and white dreams have included a confrontation with Satan – certainly the last time I had a dream in which I was a gravedigger it involved a confrontation with one of Satans fallen angels. A cursory search on Google shows that one interpretation of the name Arabella comes from Latin and means to “Yield to Prayer”. If this is indeed central to the interpretation attached to this dream, and being that Prayer is so central to our faith I’m unsure why it would be depicted as a deceased child. Unsure what the significance of the number 3 is, and wondered if this could be associated with either the trinity, or perhaps the 3 days of darkness, or perhaps referencing the time frame to an upcoming event? It doesn’t seem that this dream was a personal attack from Satan, but as to precisely its meaning, at the moment I don’t know.

God Bless You All
Jeff Andrews


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  1. Max Manus

    Hi Jeff. This sounds in fact serious to me.
    I always think about the fact, that the grave is a symbol of death an life in the same manner. Eternal death or eternal life to keep it simple.
    I know from a lot of other dreams and their meaning, that when god talks with pain, death and problems with their children he tries to reach the parents. Mostly as a warning. Sometimes parents don’t understand the calling of God. They simple play deaf and blind.
    I encourage you to pray for your familie as well as I encourage the whole readers of this dream and this comment to stay in prayer for their families and to prove themselves before God. This is serious. Losing a child is tremendously painful. I expierenced this in my local church.

    Please also read Jeremiah 2:30

    For the name of the child I agree with you. It is about prayer. For the time. I don’t have an sure opinion. It could be the time for some people to take in prayer to prevent the judgment.

  2. Eyes Open

    Arabella means “answered prayer” and “beautiful altar” in Hebrew.

  3. G

    I don’t know anything. But I think maybe it does have to do with yielding to prayer and praying because there may be judgment coming. I am just guessing, but I’m afraid of 5G being installed in all public schools right now.

  4. Jeff Andrews

    Thanks team for your comments. It’s been a week and I have little to add. I do have to say I’m not married and have no children, my niece’s and nephews are all well over the age of 3. I will continue to pray for discernment, believe me! I did receive a vision the very next day, walking along the road not far from my house and then being swept up in to the air at supersonic speed…

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