Something Pink. Something Blue. – Lisa B

Something Pink. Something Blue.

August 10, 2020 8:24 AM
Lisa B
Prayer Warrior, Australia

My brother and sisters in Christ. The Lord has pressed upon me to share the following flash visions given over the past 9 months. (Grouped in colours as specified by the Lord.)

I believe my visions are of plagues/viruses/diseases that are coming up as allowed by the Lord.

Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.

Something Blue.

This was confirmed to me several months ago by Caroline Diadem as well as another sister in Christ. (I think it was a Sister Kim.) It is the Blue plague.

30 November 2019 – I was shown a blue statue with a scary ancient tribal looking face. The entire statue was blue and had shiny blue flowing hair. (After researching the face, the closest I could find is the Hawaiian tiki god.)

10 February 2020 – Also on the Hawaiin/Polynesian theme, it looked similar to the island mountain lady (Te Fiti) from the movie moana. The lady was all blue and she went from a sitting position and slid down suddenly to the ground. Her eyes closed. (I’m not sure about the Hawaiian link/significance. Perhaps someone else has an interpretation of this.

March 2020 – A man walking down a street in a busy city. (London, New York? Paris?) It is raining and cold and he has a thick long coat on. He turns around to look at me and his face is bright blue.

25 May 2020 – A nose poking through a blue plastic film/plastic sticker that is stuck covering someone’s face. In my spirit I knew that they were desperate to breathe.

8 July 2020 -A few days ago I saw a gymnast. (Rhythmic gymnastics doing a ribbon routine on the floor.) Her face, outfit and skin were glowing blue and she was on her knees, then slowly lowered herself back whilst swirling her ribbon around frantically. The ribbon had bright colours on it. I immediately thought of the Olympics as this is the only event where I’ve watched rhythmic gymnastics, I also realised that her ribbon had the colours of the Olympic rings. Whilst, I haven’t had confirmation on this, I think the Olympic games which have been rescheduled to next year, might be affected by this plague.

Something Pink.

I am still piecing this together, as everything seems to be the Corona Virus, but then the visions might be pointing to a different strain or mutation.

12 November – pink hair on girl. I have had several visions before this of girls with pink hair.

8th July – (3 visions.)

Flash Vision 1 (a close up of shiny pink hair).

Flash Vision 2 (The same pink hair with a spikey hairband/crown that looked just like, the statue of liberty crown. There were tiny, pink, little blobby critters with eyes running around in between the crown spikes and through the hair. They looked like cartoon germs like fleas or lice.

Flash Vision 3 (The scene zoomed out to a little girl aged about three years old. It was her pink hair and she wore this crown. However, she was unwell and lying on a dog bed, battling to lift her head. A large dog lay next to her on the floor. The girl held a festival/birthday balloon.

My thoughts:

– The blue scary faced statue is threatening and bad news, I feel the blue plague will be far more dangerous that CoVid. I believe the Lord is showing me that Coronavirus will become worse or change into something else. Sister Kerry Ann Gidden prophesised that Coronavirus can be absorbed through the scalp. When I asked for confirmation on this, I saw a news feed shortly afterwards about Doctors stating that Covid has affected bald men more than others.

Seeing all this pink hair must be linked in some way.

– Maybe the virus will affect children badly next? I haven’t any confirmation about the dog and balloon. (She looked as sick as a dog?? Maybe animals will transmit it?)

– Corona means crown. The virus under the microscope also has pink like spikes.

– My daughter has had a dream about having pink spikey hair and was laughing when she told me as she said she looked ridiculous.

– When I prayed about releasing this typed up word, the Lord gave me a vision of a pink teapot with white swirls on it. Next was a vision of a navy blue teapot being unpacked from a box. The spirit confirmed that this word must go out and that these 2 plagues/diseases will be poured out on the earth.

Pink first I think, then blue will be unpacked.

Please stay in Psalm 91 daily for protection and seek the Lords face.

Any additional interpretation would be welcome.

Shalom and God Bless.

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  1. chockylover

    We must all recite Psalm 91 every day over ourselves and plead the precious blood of Jesus Christ over ourselves, loved ones which includes friends and pets, homes and possessions. There are videos saying that the games in England fore told about the COVID 19. On a hospital bed you see the present Prime minister of England, God bless you all.

  2. Diana

    Your visions remind me of a prophecy I heard long ago from a boy in a hospital bed about a terrible earthquake in California. The one thing that stood out to him was how strange everybody dressed and looked. They’re style. The hair color and the hair styles are unlike anything he has seen before.

  3. Praetorian

    I’ve never posted on this forum although I do read the post. I have also had the dreams pertaining to the pink and blue. I’ve been shown that there is a cure for these two plagues although the average person does not have access to it. The plagues are caused by primarily two different chemical compounds being (aerosol) into the atmosphere. Blue plague is most likely caused by chemical that reacts with atmospheric moisture to create an endothermic reaction (cooling or ice crystals) in the atmosphere. The pink plague is caused a chemical that reacts with atmospheric moisture to cause an exothermic (heating or drying) reaction in the atmosphere. (Blue) causes snow, hail, sleet, rain. I’m not going to use the chemical name, but think (cold pack or blue ice). The (Pink) absorbs atmospheric moisture causing heating. It contains red, white, yellow and blue crystals. It’s used in beauty, skin and hair products, (shampoo or hair color) cast, plaster, sheet rock. Both chemicals are used as industrial fertilizer. Inhalation of both are toxic based on the mixing or the amount aerosoled especially in high humidity or moist environments. A sneezing, coughing, throat irritation allergic reaction or (pneumonia) based on amounts inhaled. both can be absorbed through the skin causing redness, rash irritation, burns. I’m not a chemist, I received my revelation through dreams and then research. Other chemicals, metals, bacteria, molds and viruses are atomized into the air as well. Also ionization of the atmosphere is involved in this process, But I’m trying to keep it simple. The (Atmospheric injection) of these compounds at the right location on high pressure and low pressure fronts can cause extreme weather events. I don’t know if this helps, but the Lord gave me dreams similar to yours in March and April along with words names and visions that led me to this information. As always, seek the Lord in prayer.

  4. Catherine

    Some months ago in the time of the Lockdown I saw, that a new plague is coming, the Pest (black death).
    Give attention Kerry-Ann Gidden hates Israel, hates the Whites, believe that Israel belongs to Africa, that the Africans are the right Jews, etc.

  5. JD

    In July 2018 while in prayer, I got the words in my spirit : “ Blue death – a plague. “

  6. Quando o Covid apareceu na China eu vi 9 quadradinhos que trocavam de cor, sei que eram covids mutações.

  7. Caroline Wren

    Hi sister, when I got this word about a blue plague, I did get a number (of deaths) with it, it greatly exceeds the corona virus numbers.
    Caroline Diadem

  8. Dave M

    I’ve noticed what I personally believe to be influenced programming among the populace. This will sound far out to some, but if you think about it, you’ll see the correlation. Have you seen the influx of pink, blue, purple har, tattoos, garish hairstyles, clothing with occult symbols as logos? People are being influenced to think that this is a healthy, even normal “accommodation” to the changes is society to ready for the ” one world” government and religion of antichrist. They are unknowingly “prophesying” their own enslavement (yes, it’s that drastic) and soon. They can it predictive programming. The elite view is as “containers” or “units” akin to robotic entities. A genderless, non=individualistic, non=human, unit inside a collective give-mind (computer) controlled by none other than Lucifer. Many have seen this scenario in dreams and visions given them. I feel for the younger people, they need great deal of strength to overcome this immense threat to humanity. Only the Lord Jesus can deliver them.

  9. Visão – Azul céu misturado com branco – tapetes casa de banho

    Hoje tive uma visão de dois conjuntos de tapetes azuis, com trancinhas, eram conjuntos de casa de banho, eram de uma beleza tal que o meu pensamento era – são lindos demais para uma casa de banho. O azul era um azul céu, as tranças corriam ora brancas ora azuis, misturavam-se com uma beleza tal que nunca vi tapetes tão bonitos, foi o meu pensamento final.
    Pedi discernimento, mas ainda não obtive.
    Fui então procurar no 444 sonhos semelhantes, alguém consegue interpretar.
    Eu nem uso tapetes na casa de banho.

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