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Something Is Coming

October 15, 2020 10:37 PM

June 6th, 2020

I don’t normally have very vivid dreams. Nor are do they lead to any significant revelation or future event. However, one night in June, during the midst of the pandemic I had a strange dream.

It started with my husband and I touring the countryside. We were interested in relocating to a smaller town. We lived in the city and had a beautiful suburban home but due of the uncertainty of the pandemic (its impact on the economy), we became interested in selling our home and buying a cheaper property further out. We also wanted to get away from the rising unrest that was felt in the cities. So we drove and toured different towns. We chatted with residents and had a wonderful time exploring. I remember how beautiful it was while we drove. It was the summer time, and the felt days were warm and carefree. In fact, I believe we were driving a nice convertible car. We had such as great time. We finally drove back home and decided we would make a decision in the near future.

However, instead of continuing to tour and moving forward with finding a new home, we became distracted and paralyzed. We were constantly watching the news. It seemed like that was all we did. Every time we would watch, there would also be some new shocking headline or story about the pandemic, the weather or changing restrictions. One of the last restrictions I remember seeing was bizarre. The news stated there would now be a ban on common household items like cleaning agents. I was shocked and confused.

Soon after that message, they broadcasted an emergency alert. They stated there was now going to be a tornado coming through the area and we needed to stay home for at least three days. And sure enough, a storm came. The wind started to pick up and the sky darkened. We waited and waited to ride it out. After a couple days, I got curious and peaked outside my window. I knew it was very dark and windy but thought maybe I would see if there was any activity in our neighborhood.

So I peaked out my front window and I saw something that shocked me. I saw soldiers outside. They seem to be setting things up as if they were preparing for something. Next, my view sort of left my front window and I was able to look around the city, even though I was still in my house. I saw a man trying to leave his house and promptly alerting the authority. I watched as they started beating him for leaving the house. I also saw a vehicle trying to leave city boundaries but the roads were restricted. In fact, if they continued to drive,their vehicle would fall off the road and into an abyss.

There was no escape. I panicked and ran to my husband. He too saw what I saw. We were holding each other in the living room, weeping and sobbing. There was this helplessness that overcame us. We started to hear noises outside, the wind became louder and louder until it started pounding at our door. The sky had become so dark, it looked as if night had fell. Only the flash of lightening would light up the sky. The only light coming from within in our house was the eery blue glow of the television. Our children were napping peacefully upstairs, unaware of the nightmare that awaited outside. Then I remember gazing out my backdoor. They were beautiful french doors and but what awaited beyond them was terrible. I saw a black figure, maybe 7 or 8 ft tall, pacing back in forth in our backyard, restlessly. Then I woke up.

This dream I felt was a wake up call. I felt like my Heavenly Father was revealing to me that something terrible was going to happen and that there would be but a small window to escape. When it was sunny and warm we were free to move around and drive. However, we waited too long. We got distracted and sort of paralyzed. This prevented us from taking advantage of the little time we had. The most distinctive part of the dream for me was actually the beautiful pair of french doors to our backyard (we don’t have french doors in reality). The house was so beautiful but it meant nothing once bad times arrived. To the contrast of the ‘storm’, the soldiers and being barricaded, the house and all its vanity became unsettling.



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