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Something is about to be birthed

October 13, 2020 8:08 AM
Servant of God

This is the dream The Lord gave to me last night.

I was a young woman and I was in a relationship with a young man who I was to marry. It was not intimate but a loving relationship. My grown nephew, who had been in the military, was there also. The 3 of us enjoyed each other’s company and love was felt by all 3.

The scene changed to where my husband and I were sitting in a house by the beach. There was a young girl with us. She was 1-2 months pregnant and crying. She wanted to stay with us because she needed to be away from her family for awhile. In the dream we knew the family. It was a very large family who were kind and friendly. The phone rang and it was the girls Aunt. She was asking about her and why we took her. I said she was fine and that she came to us of her own free will. We did not take her. This Aunt spoke in a calm but menacing tone. She mumbled something else and hung up. The girl began to cry anew saying that they were going to come and take her by force. That they would break down our door to get to her. At that moment I realized that I too was 1-2 months pregnant. I said they had better not bring violence because I too was pregnant. She said that she need to go and not bring trouble to us and she disappeared. I am not sure but I feel that she returned to her family.

The scene changed and I saw a beautiful young girl with reddish brown hair in a lovely green dress walking down some stairs. I knew that she was also 1-2 months pregnant. A tall handsome young man walked up to her. She smiled and ran into his arms and they walked away together. He was there to take her away. I next saw the young woman in the green dress walking out of a hotel or someplace they were staying. She walked down to a beach and rising up out of the water was an amusement park. It was dark so all the rides were lit up. The young man came riding up to her in the water on a beautiful horse The bridal, saddle and saddle blanket were ornately decorated. She got onto her own horse and they rode off in the water. The last scene was of the two of them now riding on the beach towards me. The man on his horse but the woman was now riding a beast that looked like some form of dinosaur.

Three things are getting ready to be birthed. Obviously the woman in the green dress will birth something from the evil one. I believe the young girl who was crying and her family represented the world in some way. I represented the Church. Take note that all of this took place by water. I am not sure what that means. God is going to move.

Thank you,
Servant of God.


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