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Something about TIME

November 7, 2020 4:32 PM
Adam Steiger

Hello again, 444 News.

I had this pair of odd consecutive dreams, on about Wednesday night, involving Joe Biden.

They seem remarkable enough for me to submit, if the Lord leads you to share.

In the first part, I was with him and another unknown person in like this small dark meeting room, and was speaking to him about how God sent the hornets among the Amorite tribes back in the Old Testament (Exodus 23:28 & Deuteronomy 7:20).

Then in the second part, it was like I was looking at Joe Biden on the cover of a magazine like Time (but with no logo…just the outer red outline). He was seated in the lower center of the cover with a black suit and red tie on – and the background was very dark, and included dark figures surrounding him.

(The missing “Time” logo seems like a clue…something about time)

Anyhow, hope that this can be help in the body of Christ.

May the Lord continue to bless and watch out for you all!

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