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Sober Times! – Robin Pease

Sober Times!

Robin Pease

I knew the Lord had a word for me as soon as I woke up. I knew it would be a “doozie”. I sat down to listen to Him and I opened my Bible to Malachi 4 which I already have underlined. Take heed children! To what the Lord would tell us in this hour! I know many are getting similar warnings from Him. I weep as I type this…Speaking of the day of the Lord…

Children, this is the day-the day that will live in infamy. No other day will be like it nor has there been any to compare. Burning like a furnace with no remedy. For your wound is incurable. You will not repent. Oh how I long that you would come to me to receive my healing balm and to cover your nakedness but you were not willing!

Therefore, many will perish in their sin. Many will long for the days of warning and ease. My servants weep at your fate for you are a stubborn and stiff-necked people! More stubborn and your sins more hideous than any generation before you. Your fate is upon you-you have willed it and so you will suffer for it. Mocking and scoffing saying, ‘He will do nothing’. Tell me, when you see these things come upon you- Do you still want to mock? Yes, many of you will shake your fist at me even when the wrath is poured down in full measure. Drink it up, your cup of choice.

That last statement sent a shock through me. “Drink it up, your cup of choice.”

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  1. Linda L Courtney

    To me “your cup of choice” means, the bitter cup of rebellion and sin, OR the sweet eternal life giving cup of the Communion of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. I don’t mean the transubstantiation as some church doctrines teach. I simply mean the COMMUNION IN REMEMBRANCE of the Holy Sacrifice that the Savior Jesus Christ offered by giving his Sacred Body and Blood for all who would come to him****One cup leads to eternal death in HELL.
    The other cup leads to eternal life in GLORY with Christ.

  2. Matthew

    A lovely comment Linda – I ‘ll take the second cup.

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