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April 22, 2022 12:26 AM
Handmaid of the Most High

Received April 21, 2022 10 PM while praying for a rebellious person to repent

Psalm 51:17 KJV
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

Holy Spirit spoke to share:

Recently my child shared a message from me about how few of the Christian followers, those self-described servants of Christ, have actually continued in their relationship with Christ. I had told her that it was less than 5 percent. I did not lie. I AM not a man that I should lie. I AM the God of love and mercy but also of justice. While I allow my children many opportunities to correct evil behaviors and habitual sin, there is a point where the disobedience reigns in their heart. It is their god, I AM no longer on the throne.

Beloved it can be so subtle. Af first, there may be some excuses, “just this once”, “I wanted to understand it so I can minister more effectively”, “no one will know”, “I won’t do it again” and other dismissive statements to soothe the soft voice of the Holy Spirit. As time goes on this sin becomes so firmly entrenched in your life, that instead of that one snort of coke is a weekend habit, now you say to yourself that you still have control but though it hasn’t become a daily habit, YET, it has created friction in your relationships, changed your spending priorities or even put you in debt or delayed other more important life choices. Or substitute coke, for porn instead, it does the same thing, though you may not let your wife know, it has changed the way you see her, interact with her, think about her (she isn’t as pretty, not as glamourous or fill in the blank as you compare her to those airbrushed pictures), it may change how you see your own daughter, co-worker, sister.

Sin is sin and it always impacts the one doing the sinning and it always impacts their relationship with me! When Adam and Eve sinned, they hid from me after. Why? They suddenly knew they were naked in my presence! This was more important in their mind at that moment than the fact they disobeyed me! How that hurt my heart. I loved communing with them but now, that they chose to disobey, they allowed their trust in me to waiver, they altered their relationship with me forever. I did not want this to happen. The enemy invited them to waiver by suggesting lies. So, have so many of you chosen to distrust me as they did. This has altered your relationship with me! It has also created a level of distrust of others. What your failure to trust yields is more distrust! Others seeing your distrust, begin to wonder if you are trustworthy! Your failure to trust me, a sin, brings a break in your relationships with others!

Yet, despite sinning, the rebellion grows larger and more sin often enters into your life by more wrong choices, sin. As your sins increase so does your distance from me. As you distance yourself from me by sin, you tend to sin more and soon, that wonderful relationship we once had of talking daily, is only occasional until I AM no longer on your mind at all.

There is NO RELATIONSHIP. My Son said you must pick up your cross daily (turn your back on sin and live and act as He and commune as one). Yet, because I AM a jealous god, I AM a righteous God, I will not demand you return to me, I will respect your choices. Understand this, your choice to follow sin, is also the choice to travel the wide path to distruction. Do not believe that what you did 40 years ago to “accept Christ into your heart” will get you into heaven. My word does not say that! “It says believe and be baptised in Jesus Name”. Do you believe in me or your sin? Which do you commune with? Are you sitting at a bar, your car, or the bathroom stewing in anger because I didn’t give you something you believed you deserved? Am I a good for nothing god, unless I meet your every desire? Do you not know that life isn’t a playground for little and big children alike? This life is full of challenges, I have brought form many stories in that book called the Bible. It is a source of insight and encouragement. It is also my guidance and wisdom. Like me, so many only choose to read it when life is so chaotic and disasterous that it the only time, most of you are willing to humble and submit to my guidance.

Yet, some of you disregard it as though it was worthless and distasteful. You hate that it is a window to your soul. A mirror of how corrupt your choices and actions have become. You have become bitter toward me and anyone who speaks truth that will set you free. This hate has become a destructive force in your relationships, causing even those who love and care for you to walk or even run in the opposite direction when you are near because your resentment permeates your every word and action. Some of you are not even “glass half empty” people, instead you ask where the glass is! When it has been there along waiting for you to drink.

I will let you go, not because I wanted to but you chose to disown me. You are like Peter, who promised my Son that he would never deny him but before the sun rose the next day, Peter denied him three times!

I will save you from eternal hell if you chose to follow me. I AM waiting. Please beloved, come and fellowship with me. Danger awaits you. For some that will be horrors of war, disasters or hunger. Events that are sudden and unexpected, many I have warned you of through my Word and the prophets of the past and present. There are those who are reading this that may be at the wrong place at the wrong time and have a car accident they won’t walk away from alive. I AM not threatening, I AM warning you that your soul’s immortality is in jeopardy and there is no time to delay. Delay may be the worst you could chose. Today is the day of salvation!

Beloved return to me! I miss you. I can’t even express how great I sense the loss of you. Perhaps, you lost a pet or even a relationship that crushed you deeply. You asked why and what if. The ache this loss was so extensive it changed how you saw everything else in your life for that season, this is something but not entirely like I feel the loss of you. Each loss is unique and painful. I don’t want to be eternally separated from you. This time we have been apart has been so painful enough.

My yearning for your companionship grieves me. Come let me love you…please seek me, I AM ready to bring my peace and deliverance. Do you want it? Do you love me in your heart? Has the pain of your sin made you question why you started on this path to begin with? Come! My hand is always extended. Beloved, come and let us sup together as one.


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19


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