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Signs in the Sky?

NOVEMBER  8, 2021 2:02 AM

(NOVEMBER 7, 2021) Dream:

This dream was several dream-days long. The same dream repeated all night. Every morning, I would look up and see a white cloud pillar in the blue sky. I thought this was normal and everyone else had noticed them too, but in the end I realised no one noticed them but me.

There were two types of clouds I saw:
Planes would spray a horizon cloud plume/burst — but the white cloud had black text on it. A brief message (Ex. “PUT YOUR TEXT HERE.”)
Separately I saw a strange cloud formation that I assumed was sprayed though I didn’t witness that. It was very large from my window, like a vertical cloud plume with these bubble-like clouds all connected together an even distance apart. In each bubble was some popular brand name/logo (some of which I recognized, some I did not which made me wonder if these were international brands. (Ex. Pepsi logo was one of them I remembered and recognized)). This stretched up as far as I could see through my window. I assumed they sprayed it from the top down as the clouds would quickly fade away every morning from top to bottom.
One morning, someone entered my room to study with me and while they sat by my side, I loudly pointed out and sang out, “In the sky, in the sky,” but they were completely oblivious like they didn’t even register I was talking to them. They sat in front of me and stared with a blank smile on their face.

The Lord also showed me planes mapping out altitudes, distances, and pointed out how risky this job is to get the “paint” sprayed at the precise moment so it’s expelled and released at the precise location, and also measuring dissolve time. I also saw they seemed to be doing this particular text spraying near a coast (perhaps west).

The Lord also showed me a rollercoaster track right after the plane scene and while I sat in a cart accelerating downwards, I saw holes with what looked like circles or buckets of lava spewing out, real lava, underneath.
I know in my spirit this insight is not all that the Lord has to reveal through this message (please take this to Him for further revelation) but nonetheless, what the Holy Spirit taught me: in the 8th, jobs will be very risky unlike today where they seem to care so much about “work safety”. Then all jobs will be explosive, high-risk jobs. I wasn’t paying so much attention to where the ride was leading, but we seemed very high above the ground, as high as the clouds and were quickly approaching a mountain I believe, or maybe a dark tunnel. I wasn’t focussed up ahead and woke up midway down the descent.

If the Lord gives me more to share, I will be back in obedience to Him. Otherwise, I feel there’s more to this dream than I currently understand. Please take it to the Lord with me in prayer.

Grace, love and peace be with you, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

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