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Shocks, Scorchings, Hidden History and Supernatural Signs – Michelle Katherine Orts


Shocks, Scorchings, Hidden History and Supernatural Signs

September 14, 2021 2:49 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

The Lord said to me, as a fleece, to confirm this Prophetic sequence of Words below, that I was to search out the matter that there would be a new Superdome in New Orleans. I just found the confirmation story:

“The New Name of the Superdome was just announced. “New Orleans will make their debut in The Caesars Superdome with a Week 1 matchup against the Green Bay Packers on Sep. 12. Link to confirmation story:


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I wrote the following Prophetic Word Sequence on this past Sunday, September 12th, 2021 @ 10:37AM CDT”

Prophetic Vision and Previous Dream Reminders received from Jesus’ Holy Spirit This Morning.

Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove

Titled: Shocks, Scorchings, Hidden History and Supernatural Signs

From This Morning September 12th, 2021 Finished writing at 11:09AM CDT #USA

I was fully awake and looking outside through my bathroom window. A nearby powerline appeared to be on fire. I hurried to get out of the shower and check through an alternate vantage point. It had happened before. The powerline had caught on fire, burst into flames in the middle of a drenching downpour of rain a few years past. An arc of electricity had bolted and snapped into my window as I was brushing my teeth. I saw a flash of Light and was jolted but totally unharmed. A Holy Angel had stepped between me and the bolt of electric fire.

This fire I was now looking at looked eerily similar, it looked like a real fire again and as I was getting prepared to call my husband and then the Fire Dept, Jesus told me to come look but to view it from a different angle. So I went to the kitchen window and upon closer inspection and reflection, I firmly and thankfully concluded that it was just the intense reflection of the extremely bright sun on a metallic object on the power wire’s line.

The Sun is now intensifying and magnifying itself greatly. Scorchings will be soon reported but will be covered up. There was recently a tragic death of an enter family out on a hike with their infant and their pet dog.. They were in the headlines just recently. They all mysteriously were found dead with allegedly, no signs of struggle or violence. According to public reports there was a giant red algae bloom that supposedly killed them since they were walking by the affected river. That is not what Jesus told me!

Jesus’ Holy Spirit told me that was just a cover story. “They were all scorched.”Jesus my King of Kings said. “And you will see more reports in the near future continuing until you see Me.” Says The Lord of all Lords!

I heard the word “Replete.” from Jesus’ Own Mouth.

I heard. “Wildfires in Australia. Again.”

I was reminded of a dream about an explosion and many abandoned single shoes underneath a very large bleacher. There was also a B___ inside a locked and sealed brass man hole cover. There are many more details I will share in a separate post later, Godwilling!

God reminded me of Kim C. and about the earth coughing up its hidden treasures. I saw entire previously (and some even now currently) populated cities revealed underground, even under NYC.

I saw The entire coast of NYC dry. The sandy scorched ground was heaving and convulsing as if in labor, birthing forth long lost cities and hidden Treasures, upwards for all the world to learn the forbidden truths of the entire earth’s history. This is that time when The Times of The Fallen Angels bred and lived among men raising their Nephilim demon children and taught men how to build towers, tools and weapons. The same Fallen Ones taught women how to seduce with eye makeup and how to use many tree and plant roots. The same Rebellious Ones guarded the soft metals such as Gold, Silver and Lead deep within earth’s pockets and caverns.

This World’s greatest architecture was designed, built and exalted by The Giants who built Grand Halls and Solid Steam Engines and Powered the Things they could. The Lost Stars did all these things and more for though They be Wicked, They longed for their shed glory as it was when They were Home and walked stoicly in God’s Presence in front of Their Creator God’s Throne.

Now abandoned they walk with Abbadon. They are now in chains but soon some will be released for a little while to test the hearts of men and women. As in Noah’s Day, it is now that time again!

I saw a tsunami return in great hurry to cover broad swaths of Florida and covered over New Orleans newly built SuperDome.

NYC went under deep under and Those In Charge had no more any home.

I heard Jesus say, “September 20, 2021. This is the new date determined by Islam’s Mullahs and The Grand Mahdi, The 12th Imam. The Evil One intends to insult My Children with planned violence. But I AM says to Satan and his Beast Army minions, “NO! You go NO FURTHER!”

“I have heard the cries of My Children and I shall show Mercy. Though Trials shall arrive, I shall lessen them. I shall spare life I would not have spared otherwise for I have seen Your sincere hearts and have heard your genuine cries of intercession requesting Mercy on behalf of all nations. Granted. Your request is granted. I shall Hide Many Under My Wings who run to Me Now! Come to Me now! I AM HERE NOW! Says, King Jesus The Decider of All Decisions.”

Thank You Jesus for warning us Your People of all things which are yet to be shown and for Your Great Mercy and Love for all of us! Thank You!

In You, my Holy God Jesus Word mads flesh! I have in You always, You Jesus are my Forever Home and hold my Only True Rest!
Love Your Turtle Dove! Mrs. Michelle Katherine Orts wife to husband Reverend David Orts

Sunday, September 12th, 2021
Finished writing @ 11:09M CDT
Prophetic Visions and Previous Dream Reminders
Titled: Shocks, Scorchings, Hidden History and Supernatural Signs by Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove

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