Earthquake, Prophecy

Shifting and a Quaking – Catherine N Robert

Catherine N Robert

October 29, 2018

I want to encampment on your hearts And be your lamp plugged in to my amp my power my word is your only strong tower that will get you through in these dark hours. For their is going to be a shifting and a quaking In your atmosphere plates shall be moved but do not fear for I have warned you by my prophets prior Do not fear for all these things must come to pass for this is the last four you are the last and final generation of these nations this will be the end and my sons coming you will see the glory in the clouds with a loud triumph voice of malaks angels and then I got a scripture Philippians 4 surpasses all understanding. When u want bread read do not feed I am your reed and only need. I Have with anger this was given seriously serious fear I have put a Holy Demand of Command on MY COMMANDMENTS park ark thee Ark of yahs Holy covenant


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