For Duty, For Honor – Olasubomi Williams

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For Duty, For Honor

May 8, 2024 2:41 PM
Olasubomi Williams
Revelation 14, Exodus 20:3-5, Mark 8:34-38, 9:1

This message goes out to the 144,000. My bride, my elect ones, I have laid it in the heart of this servant to speak to you. I am going to implement certain things in time to come. Some of you will go through the threashing fire at the center of the flames more than others. But do not fear for I am with you. My children, hear me now I say. You must follow me till the bitter end for it is your duty. Love me with all your heart, mind and soul. Love me with everything you have so that the winds of calamity will pass over you. I am calling out some of you now who have been obedient to your calling and have followed me through thick and thin to go through this special training that is about to commence.

For some who are in this training and have persevered, more will be required of you. For you have only begun to scratch the surface. For the real training starts now. If you have listened to my corrections and you have obeyed me. I will make you excellent and you shall prosper in the already crumbling world/society. This world is not of me so I must crumble it to pieces. However, I am calling you all out now who are part of my 144000 to be set apart from the world and to follow me in solitude. You are in it for each other and so that my name will be glorified.

To anyone reading or watching this message, you have been called to be my elect warriors. However, do not think your spot/positions is secured as continuous misbehavior will take you out of the equation completely. I am calling now my Reuben, my Gad, my Asher, my Issachar, my Joseph, my Benjamin, my Naphtali, My Judah{aka Yehuda}, my Manasseh, my Simeon and my Levi excluding Dan, who is a serpent and the father of serpents and Ephraim who has bowed his head to idols and has given his crown to the gentiles. I am calling you both physically and spiritually.

Those who are spiritually called have all been marked and anointed by me and they will be protected by me until the time of their final training which will occur during the three days of darkness. These words and messages, go back to them and try to understand them. Document each process of your journey and lay it all down to me. Each and every word written by each and every prophet shall come to pass. You all are here for a reason. Because you desire the truth. I am truth. Come to me for clarification of your roles and I will give it to you. Before this world completely goes dark as the beast ascends to power, I will shine my brightest light upon the world that will pierce even the darkest places of man’s heart. I will expose every man’s heart and every false doctrines of this world. Your king, Yahushua ha masheach. Your redeemer.


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