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Feb 27, 2020 4:15 PM
Shmita - The sabbath year, in Hebrew literally "release" is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah for the land of Israel, and still observed in contemporary Judaism.

On 2.13.20 in my spirit I heard ‘shemitah’. I was surprised when I heard this word, however I was familiar with it, having watched Rabbi and author Jonathan Cahn speak on this seven year biblical cycle. From my understanding – for the Jewish people, it was a time of forgiveness of one’s debts and also a time to free the land from excessive farming.

On 2.20.20 I was listening to an audio from the Prophcy Club titled ‘Did 2014 Start 7 Years of Plenty Then 7 Years of Famine or Tribulation’? According to host Stan Johnson, (paraphrased)…”On Sept 25, 2014, two cows were introduced to America – one, a black and white cow born Sept 24, 2014 and a second red cow, born on Sept 25, 2014. The day these cows were introduced just happened to be the 49th Shemitah. Both cows also had the number seven on their forehead.” Stan Johnson surmised…”These birth signs seem to signal the start of two sets of seven years.”… and raised the question…”Is it possible the timing of the birth of these two cows and the unmistakable number seven imprinted on their foreheads is pointing us to the period of time known as the seven years of famine?”
An article by Charisma News titled ‘The Shemitah Unraveled: What 2015-2016 Could Bring’ (by Troy Anderson and Jessilyn Justice 3.10.15) further elaborates…

“In the book of Genesis, the Shemitah began with the Pharaoh’s prophetic dream of 14 cows – seven healthy and seven sick. God revealed to Joseph that the seven healthy cows represented seven years of prosperity, while the sick were the seven years of famine to follow.”

“God gives a warning to Egypt to tell them what is coming,” (Jonathan) Cahn says. “The turning point is that seventh cow.”

“During his talk, Cahn pointed to a sign with biblical roots that went viral on newswires Sept. 25th 2014 -the very day the world entered the current Shemitah: a cow with the number seven on its head.”

Today 2.27.20 I went to my Bible to read again on the ten plagues as we are IN that time period right now. But instead the Holy Spirit led me to the story of pharaoh and his dream and Joseph. I was given three separate scriptures:

“Then the seven years of plenty which were in the land of Egypt ended.” (Gen 41:53)
“And the famine became severe in the land of Egypt.” (Gen 41:56)

When I was given the last scripture, I wept in my spirit.

“This is the thing which I have spoken to Pharaoh. God has shown Pharaoh what He is about to do.”
God is clearly showing His children that the famine foretold long ago is right around the corner. I pray we continue to heed and share the warnings as well as God’s message of love and repentance for we are closer to that hour than we have ever been.
The next Shemitah begins 9.7.21 in the Jewish year 5782.


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  1. My Sister had a dream, and in her dream there would be a 7days famine in the land before the Tribulations and persecution begins.

    And in the dream she was lamenting that my father didn’t store up the house with food and that they were going to even die of starvation before that time.

    I take 7days to be 7years.

  2. Susan Elizabeth

    Cryptic1-Same was shown to me including the years. The Shemitah began in Sept 2014 and that was the beginning of the 7 years plenty. So poweful when all God has personally shown you starts being confirmed it makes me tear up seeing His faithfulness to know I have always known and heard Him clearly. Those who are truly fully His, the revelations and words from Him are going to be fully streamlined and become one over the next few months to a year and the dross will be gone as they come to pass one by one and this confirmation as the words come to pass will lead the outer court true sheep who are still lost in deception right now in during the exodus to the wilderness before and as persecution fully rises.

  3. Well said Susan, well said.

    And Amen.

  4. Shaun Toonk

    Before I came across Jonathan Cahn and the two cows video I found a prophecy from Terry Bennett and it’s called the 21 year prophecy. He said the Arc Angel Gabriel came to him back in 2001 that it will start in 2008 and it’s broken down in three 7 year periods. From 2008 to 2014 will be the downfall of Economy. From 2014 2014 to 2021 is changes of Governments, wars and rumors of wars while Economy still on the decline. From 2021 to 2028 was all about Religion.

    I was about to chuck that prophecy out of my mind and say it’s garbage then I came across Jonathan Cahn and the two cow prophecy and the cows were born in 2015.. The first 7 years of Terry Bennetts prophecy is done and I was like Wow!! This prophecy goes together and we only know prophecy in part… It’s like a piece of puzzle and Terry Bennett’s prophecy fits with Jonathan Cahn prophecy..

    My only question is If Terry Bennett says 2021 to 2028 is all about Religion and Jonathan Cahn said the second cow born with the 7 on his head represents Famine do you think 2021 to 2028 might be Tribulation?
    Remember the American Solor Eclipse that happened in 2017? It went across America and another one is supposed to come again to go across America in 2024 where X Mark’s the spot and it’s located at New Madrid area. This could be the halfway mark of tribulation or the Beginning. Only God knows..

  5. Cristie

    This message made my ears perk up because just last week I had a flash dream-vision of an animal’s body part. All I was allowed to see was a portion of its body, just two legs from the knees down and it’s feet. The feet were hooves. I could tell it was lying down on the grass by the way it’s two legs were positioned. I was given a knowing that it was a cow and had died from either disease, famine or both. This is definitely scriptural. I believe this is coming very soon. Animal die offs of cattle, fish, etc will cause serious food shortage. A couple months ago I was shown the massive bird die off that was in the news about a month ago and was shown the exact bird in my dream before it came out in the news. I believe more major animal die offs are coming such as fish and other animals that provide us food. God bless.

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