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Sharks in Tsumani – Migdalia Costa


Sharks in Tsuman

Feb 18, 2021, 10:12 AM
Migdalia Costa

During the early morning hours of December 5th, 2020, I received a dream.

What I remember most, was that there was a group of us at a beach, looking towards the ocean and enjoying it’s beauty. Then we went behind a dune because we somehow knew that a very large tsunami type wave was coming to shore. I would guess they were 30-40 feet in height. To keep from getting hurt or drowned, we would run away every time we knew another was coming in. Afterwards, since they were so beautiful to watch, we would go back to watch them come in to shore, except this time from a safe distance away.

They were mesmerizingly clear, beautiful, transparent blue green walls of water with various kinds of fish swimming in them as they where coming in. I also saw there being a substancial gap and pause before the last wave. I could see dry sand at the bottom of that gap.

It was then that I saw, within this new wall of water, a row of menasing looking sharks facing the shoreline. They were lined up side by side, the width of the wave. I knew they were prepared and eagerly waiting for the wave to carry them in.

What I remember most, is that I knew they were their to devour all they could, once they were brought forth on land.

End of dream.

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