Sharing His Passion – Terri Hennessy


Sharing His Passion

December 10, 2021 8:40 PM
Terri Hennessy

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Open my heart oh Lord, lay it out nice and flat
Expose all that is hidden way deep in the back
In those places that fear to embrace all the pain
Your crucified death surely hard to sustain

Allow me to carry this cross with you
each moment of every night and day
Let your sweat and tears pour out on me too,
bloody footprints leading the way

No greater a gift than to lay down one’s life
for a brother, a sister, a friend
Than suffering endured night after night
till darkness satisfies its end

Yet still rejected, mocked and spit upon
the crowd’s shout “Crucify Him”
Gladly taking each blow, seeing far beyond
a Bride’s light, is no longer dim

The wrath of the devil, sorely poured out
in and over mere human flesh
The power of God, you must go without
enduring loves paramount test

Permit me to feel the broken heart of our Mother
let my tears bear witness of her pain
All she saw in mans heart, so very bitter
yet knowing it is never in vain

My Lord and My God, the heart of your passion
profound and beyond any length
With your Bride before your eyes, her love and devotion wrap you in renewal of strength

All the way to Calvary, bearing our sin
too heavy for any man to carry
The heft of the world pressing deep down within
Reminiscing of the Bride you shall marry

Like Simon, those blessed carry this cross with you now, each and every step of the way
Sharing in your passion, weeping aloud
Holding to faith in your resurrection day

Wicked power of darkness, His light will scatter
no longer will you be anymore The fire of God’s glory burning scales from all matter revealing His welcoming door

Truth and love will forever prevail
Satan, your days short and numbered
Committing your crimes that will wake up the world
no more blinded by your shades of slumber

As we call upon our God to set captives free
He will come like a thief in the night
With evil exposed, His children can see
The harvest now ready for flight

For the light of glory will shine in our hearts
from that day to eternity
With our Father in Heaven, a table, a feast,
forever with Him shall we be!


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