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Sharing a dream for interpretation

Sep 11, 2019, 10:34 AM
Sarah L


Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The LORD gave me a dream in late June that I’ve been led to share now after much prayer about it. If anyone has an interpretation or any understanding put on their heart please share if Holy Spirit directs you!!

I was walking down a very dirty/trashy alley next to a tall building in a big city.
I spotted two little trains, one blue and one pink. They were filthy and laying in the muddy water. I picked them up and decided I needed a bag to carry them in.

I went into an apartment(not mine) and found a plastic tote bag like the ones handed out for a VBS at church.

The front of the bag said ” REVup 9:6″
I thought Revelation 9 is an odd theme for a children’s VBS.
I put the little trains into the bag.
I left that apartment and entered an apartment that in the dream was mine.

On top of the entertainment center above the TV I grabbed a small pot full of dry dirt.
I started digging in the dirt and pulled out a beautiful red pomegranate, it split open and inside every single seed had a bright green sapling growing…end of the dream.

May GOD bless you all!!
Much love!!

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