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Sharing a dream for interpretation

Sep 11, 2019, 10:34 AM
Sarah L


Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The LORD gave me a dream in late June that I’ve been led to share now after much prayer about it. If anyone has an interpretation or any understanding put on their heart please share if Holy Spirit directs you!!

I was walking down a very dirty/trashy alley next to a tall building in a big city.
I spotted two little trains, one blue and one pink. They were filthy and laying in the muddy water. I picked them up and decided I needed a bag to carry them in.

I went into an apartment(not mine) and found a plastic tote bag like the ones handed out for a VBS at church.

The front of the bag said ” REVup 9:6″
I thought Revelation 9 is an odd theme for a children’s VBS.
I put the little trains into the bag.
I left that apartment and entered an apartment that in the dream was mine.

On top of the entertainment center above the TV I grabbed a small pot full of dry dirt.
I started digging in the dirt and pulled out a beautiful red pomegranate, it split open and inside every single seed had a bright green sapling growing…end of the dream.

May GOD bless you all!!
Much love!!

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  1. Birdee

    Sara L., thank you for posting your dream…
    May Holy Spirit lead you in wisdom and truth!
    I believe that the trains you found pink and blue represent little boys and girls who will need loving care and the gospel during very turbulent times (muddy water)…
    Your hands will care for these children, and they will blossom and take root in the Vine of Jesus!
    Love and Blessings to you sister 🙂

  2. Moriah

    The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure buried in the field.

  3. Amiyah Lisnon

    Without death there cannot be rebirth. Except a grain of corn fall into the dirt and die it cannot grow a new stalk and produce more corn. When death flees from sinners who want to die to escape tribulation and suffering they will not be able to as part of consequence of partaking was n mark of beast in ones body. Death will flee because DNA will morph body into immortal demon. However many little children …boys and girls represented by the two little trains pink and blue WILL die during end times but there will be hope for them in resurrection which is represented by the bright red pomegranate in the small pot of dirt …..pomegranates symbolize rebirth which is resurrection and the small seedlings inside represent the many children who will be reborn in paradise and alive during millennium who may suffer and die during the period of “muddy waters” we will face in many large cities in USA as destruction arises.

  4. Sara L

    Beautiful interpretation, Birdee, thank you!! I say please GOD send me. These turbulent times HE has warned so urgently about are quickly becoming reality. Much love and blessings to you, beloved❤

  5. Sara L

    Amen and Amen, Moriah🙌
    Matthew 13:44
    “The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid again; and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.”

  6. Alexander Black

    My understand is different,I been collected stuff from trash mostly some is valuable is throw away,however someone throw comic book is Superman so found out value itself comic book 55 dollar! And too more stuff but too Nintendo DSi but seem look good shape but no plug see if work,however all stuff belong to Young and adult, treasure is in trash/bury underground/and more however I am surely God try tell you there treasure and worth is hide filthy place you know well if you separately weed and wheat in field you would said this wheat is worth let pull wheat leave weeds alone and bring home or give to other who will accept it trash mix with treasure also seeds is value too clean up trash and recycle them and seed it up .. you know rest of stories same as Bible about seed that feel on rock and died quick other one seed fell on weeds and choke and die and other one fell on good soil and grew well and heathly so be it.maybe it is or other meant of understand.just second thought.but stay away from wick.

  7. B.R.W.

    Tall buildings dirty alleys …could it be Representing NYC? Blue and pink little toy trains found in muddy waters ….could it be representing the little lives murdered by abortion by evil laws there? The pomegranate ….could it be that it represents hope for all of them to live again?

  8. mem

    The pomegranate was often used in the tabernacle/temple and priestly garments for decoration.

  9. Sara L

    Beloved Amiyah, thank you so much for the interpretation, a warning with a reminder of the treasured and beautiful promise from GOD of rebirth into eterenity, dwelling in HIS GLORY!! Much love and many blessings to you!!❤

  10. Sara L

    Brother Alexander, thank you for you interpretation. GOD knows those little ones who’s seeds of the Gospel are still hidden in the dirt, by HIS grace and through HIS will, they grow mighty in faith. HE knows!!
    Some of GOD’S rarest pearls lie deep in dark waters. Much love and many blessings!!❤

  11. BRW

    Dear Mem, this is true but it is because of what it symbolized. All the seeds inside a pomegranate represent new births and resurrections.

  12. BRW

    The priest prayed for forgiveness for old sins and for new blessings and fruitfulness of the Jewish New Year in 7th month. Which is now known as Rosh Hashana. But Yom Kippur played critical role and does to this very day in Judaism. This is when the high priest would wear the clothing with the bells separated by the pomegranates to alert if high priest still remained alive after going into the holiest of Holies once a year on Yom Kippur. Prayers for fruitfulness in the family and field are prayed during this time and the 10 days prior during repentance leading up to Yom Kippur.

  13. BRW

    Jewish prayers include “blessed are You Lord who creates the fruit …” and prayers for fruitfulness and renewal …. rebirth…..resurrection….. all things that Christ represents but they were blinded from seeing until the day the Lord opens their eyes…soon I pray. They have given the world Christ and Plan of Salvation. May G-d return His Plan back to them in these last days. In Jesus name amen.

  14. Robert E

    This is my thinking.

    Rev 6: “In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.”

    However, the children, identified by their true gender of blue and pink (not the gender confusion in the world), will be taken away, hidden away (I put the little trains into the bag) from the filth of the earth (mud puddle) (I believe in the rapture of the 6th seal). The will be taken to the wilderness (desert, represented by the dry dirt) and nurtured (as represented by inside a pomegranate) to become new life (green sapling).

    Rev 14: “But the woman was given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent.”

    Blessings in your pursuit of the truth.

  15. Sara L

    Beloved Mem, Yes!! The pomegranate was also one of the fruits that the spies brought back to report of Canaan when only Caleb and Joshua belived GOD would keep HIS promise!!

  16. Sara L

    Beloved BRW, thank you for your interpretation. I have been given understanding that the pomegranate does represent rebirth and new eternal life in the MOST HIGH!! I’m not sure where I was in the dream but it was a major city very well could be NYC. Much love and blessings❤

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