Shady Rest – Ruth Johnson

Shady Rest

Nov 2, 2019, 3:39 AM
Ruth Johnson
O, my Lord,
I am taking up space
In a lost world.
O, my Lord,
I am trying to save face,
In a lost world;
Where we share this place
With demons and saints
All running a race
To make it to the finish
Without the demons catching us.
They are fast, they cheat,
They hunt like packs of dogs,
They have plasma at their disposal,
We have rocks and small logs.
They can split the atom
But we can come back at’em
With our brother,
Jesus Christ.
He is all we need
And He needs us to rally,
Defend our small space
By screaming for Him!
By seeking His face!
He will hear, He will be there
To coach us in our race.
Some have not started,
Some not awake,
Most not shoed up,
Let alone at the gate.
Paul gave us warning,
Told us to run,
To never give up
And it would not be fun.
Our world will be burning
And turned upside down,
Demons shoot darts at us
From under the ground,
From the skies come snakes,
Writhing and mad,
A tempest of serpents
All totally bad.
Run and Hide!
Run to Me,  He cries!
I have spread My wings
So you need not die!
Satan, he will snare you,
He has set so many traps!
He will make you think
You are winning
When you are really at the back!
If you are wise
In your own eyes
And do not focus on Me,
You will find yourself lost,
Waiting to burn.
Satan will bind you,
Where I will not find you
If you do not learn.
There is one way out
Of this old race,
One way out
Of the maze we all face,
The track is rocky,
Muddy and treacherous,
And most of it goes uphill.
Not many find the starting gate,
Some do not go in,
Others sit and spectate,
Mocking the ones
Who believe they can win.
Thousands of years
Have come and gone,
Winners and losers
Weak and strong,
All running the race
Or standing aside,
Sleeping and dreaming
Of worldly pride,
Never knowing, never seeing
How craftily Satan lied.
And they did not realize
Until they died,
They had the truth to believe
And they trusted the lies.
Our Lord is cheering us on,
Each and every one of us,
He wants none to lose
For that prize is hell.
Spend eternity with Satan,
In a dark and burning cell,
Or eternity in Paradise,
Only time will tell.
Let us focus now
On our way out
Of this maze of darkness
Shrouded with doubt.
Do we even need to run?
We ask,
Should not we just have fun?
We have said we know God,
He will save us in the end.
He gave us this world
To do as we please!
That does not include
Falling to our knees!
We are busy as rats
Seeking the cheese,
Dashing this way and that,
Cannot run on our knees!
Yes, we must run,
He has made it clear
We must run to His Son
And have no fear.
Fear is our downfall,
But we like to pretend
There is nothing to be afraid of,
The world as we know it
Will not end.
We have not paid heed
To the warning signs;
Stop, yield, detour, go,
We run on blindly
Down the wide road,
The one flat and paved,
Bordered by pleasures,
Speeding past graveyards
Full of the bones
Of the meek and the brave,
Never considering
That is our end,
Our bones in the ground,
We prefer to pretend.
Oh look!
The sign says Shady Rest!
Come on in and be blessed!
There is food and wine
For you to partake,
Isn’t it time you took a break?
Sit back and relax
In the shade,
The sun is hot
Take a dip in the lake!
It’s cool and refreshing
For your weary souls,
Stop right here,
Stay a long time!
You can still make it
To that finish line!
Later, not now,
Here is a soft bed,
A mini bar
And movies to rent!
They will show you
Romance and comedy,
Wars and porn,
But is this the reason
We were born?
To watch other lives
On a black screen?
To eat and drink
In a room we don’t clean?
The maids will do that
When we check out,
Off to the next
Shady Resort.
We enter the highway,
Pass by some homeless,
Are glad we are in a car!
Let’s just move on,
Oh look! There is a bar!
They have karaoke,
And I’m pretty good,
And I could eat more food!
Where are we going,
Where have we been?
We are trapped in a maze
Where the signs say
We Win!
But we have lost sight
Of the goal.
Will we remember
When we are old
All we chased
Was a pot of gold?
At the end of a rainbow,
Misty and moving,
Always fading away?
Or will we even grow old?
Truth be told,
Many land in an early grave.
Many will not be saved.
Time to look up,
Time to see,
Time is running out
For you and me.
Please, together,
Let’s find that track
The one you get on
And do not look back.
The one that leads us
Out of this maze,
Past the arrows
Of each fad and craze.
I am sick of the highway,
Wanting all things my way,
I have to get back on track.
Come with me!
I am going home,
I do not want to go alone!
Come with me,
Jesus will lead us,
All the way
To the Promised Land!
Please, we all will share,
What our Savior has
In store for us there!
The river of life,
Trees for healing,
A Wedding Feast!
Pure fellow feeling.
Love abounds
For us all,
If we just
Heed His call,
And find the door
Out of this trap
And run right through
To our Father’s lap!


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