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September 19, 2022 6:33 AM
Daniel Masika

Dear Beloved Friends and partners ON 444 Prophecy News

ON 17th 2am I was on my Knees Praying, seeking the Divine Intervention on the Matters of the Childrens in the Orphanage and Other Matters, Then I felt strong sleep , I could not even Open my eyes on my Knees I entered into the Vision, I saw strong Angel Standing on Huge Mountain Covered in snow with Seven Fishing Nets in His hands!!!

The Angel That had Two wings and Looked Huge, Very tall and He Flew from the Top of the Huge Mountain that was Covered with the smoke and Snow, another Voice spoke that Followed the Angel But ,He that spoke was invisible, The Voice said Holy Holy is He that seated on the Throne Forever and Ever and The Flying Angel Throw the Nets on the Earth, Before the Nets Landed on Earth, The Invisible Voice Said ,Its Time the Harvest of the Harvest should be Done Now, and The Fishers from all the Corners of the Earth be Ready , Then I saw Huge Multitude on Earth, Their Had the Light on their Forehead and were Ready to Cath the Nets, One Net landed on Australia and Covered it ,Another Landed on North America and Covered it, another Landed on Africa and Covered it, another Landed on Europe and Covered it, another Landed Asia and Covered it, the Other Landed on antarctica and Covered it and The Last one Landed on South America and Covered!!!

This nets Looks Like Fishing Nets But the Nets Had Lives and this nets were sieve for Souls on Earth and I saw the Fishing which the Angel Called Harvesting Begun and Souls in Millions were harvested nets were Full of souls and The Angels appeared in the Sky in Huge Numbers in the Help for the Harvesting, The miracle i saw was the Nets did not Cath everything on Earth some Souls remained!!!! Then the Voice whispered in my Ears there will be Darkness on Earth for Electricity and the Internet will not work For 42 Years and their That are not in the Net will Kill each other and Blame each Other!!!! Then I come out the Vision Time is Short and Saints Must Get Ready!!!

Matthew 4:19 Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Much Love

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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