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Seeds of the Beast [Satan Programming the Youth] – Shane Caldeira

Seeds of the Beast

[Satan Programming the Youth]

March 1, 2020 8:48 AM
Shane Caldeira

Dream (Acts 2:17)

2/29/2020 – I cannot remember the dream in full detail but in the dream I was watching the cartoon X-Men and was able to see how they were trying to program people into Transhumanism and the Beast System.

I believe the dream first started out with my old friend Andre talking about how all of his bank transactions were being shown to customers while he was driving Uber/Lyft and he was getting customer complaints. I think the AI was reading or showing the passengers his bank transaction history on his vehicle screen monitor.

Then it switched over to the X-Men tv show and I remember somehow discerning that a demon was behind the narrative or story line in an attempt to direct the masses into pagan religious beliefs and into accepting Transhumanism and the Mark of the Beast (RFID microchip) if I remember correctly? It was very obvious in the dream and Satan was attempting to steal the souls of the youth. Please be very careful in allowing what seeps into the minds of your children and what they are being exposed to.

Please pray and confirm all things through prayer and supplication with LORD Yeshua Jesus, the Lord of Lord, and the King of Kings. The Holy Trinity.

Shane Caldeira,
Watchman and servant

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