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Secret UnderWater Bases and Stolen Lost Souls – Michelle Katherine Orts

Secret UnderWater Bases and Stolen Lost Souls

November 16, 2021 5:55 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Prophetic Dream received from Jesus Tuesday, November 16th 5:00PM CST #USA

I had a two part Prophetic Dream from Jesus.

1st Part of the dream.

I was a US Military Intelligence Officer visiting one of my assigned bases. It was an underwater base hidden in plain site underneath a Marina in an ocean or great sized lake somewhere. I do not know the exact location but it was large and significant. There was both a literal storm and a literal war approaching and it was global in nature.

I had the knowledge that, we humans, had teamed up with the “grey ones” and had experienced otherworldly technological benefits. In my dream, I knew that I had always been wary of this exchange but it wasn’t up to me to control that interdependency of our peoples with theirs.

I saw danger looming and imminent. Winter was approaching and was now suddenly upon us. It was very cold. As a US Military Intelligence Officer in a high position, I had been called in to give my advice and analysis regarding this base and others which worked alongside of this base in other underwater locations around the world.

My honest assessment was for all my fellow human military assignees to break rank and flee to their respective homes and families. There was talk of “the greys” turning on us all and total annihilation was expected. I was communicating nothing out loud, fully trained and completely aware that the demonic beings (on site) had limited abilities to read my physical mind. The interdimensional and yet physical, very ugly creatures I might add, could not penetrate my thoughts when I focused on Bible scriptures pertaining to Yeshua, Jesus, or when I prayed in tongues under my breath as I did often. I secretly prayed in the Power of The Holy Spirit, even when I was simultaneously writing instructions or giving verbal orders to my men and women subordinates. I had learned, on my own, that Jesus’ Holy Spirit enabled me to multitask for the safety of my men and women and for the sake of completing my unique missions.

My true mission, and I suspected would be my very last one, was given to me, directly by Jesus, to help overthrow the enemy of mankind, which were these demonic beings and their fallen angel compatriots including ultimately, Satan Lucifer their Commander. These aliens were pure evil and many times, weekly committed atrocities to innocents which they bartered technology and supposed intel and details about humankind’s future which the aliens had allegedly obtained knowledge of.

This was not a fair exchange in my mind and I wanted nothing to do with it. It was out of my hands though. I had decided to do what I could do. My eternal soul and the souls of others was of far more value to me than my job.

I did not trust them, the alien creatures.

In this dream I knew that I was on a personal mission under the guise of an official mission, to evacuate the base of all loyal Military. By loyalty, I mean those who refused to partake of the evil deeds of the aliens and Fallen Ones. It was too gruesome to speak of, the activities which these demonic creatures did to humans, particularly little children and human babies..

I saw myself getting on a large speedboat which I had consigned by pulling rank and shouting out brief succinct orders to begin the evacuation of many confused but willingly obliging personnel. Orders given orders followed. The snow was falling hard now and we needed to leave before the ice formed. We needed more boats to help us leave. I requisitioned them by pointing at some tied up at the inlet Marina.

Next scene 2nd part of the dream.

I saw Hillary Clinton laughing. Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only one participating in wickedness but I knew that she represented millions of darkened, turned souls that were happily serving Satan on earth. Hillary was shaking empty human skulls which she had just emptied of their physical pineal glands which had become dried up from receiving multiple doses of the Fallen Angel mRNA and ultimately Fallen Angel DNA vaccine injections. The unsaved victimized person’s spiritual soul had likewise been emptied out and placed into holding containers for the demons to use for their own whims and evil purposes.

The global vaccine programs under the pretense of a global pandemic had been useful to Lucifer’s Beast Army and the legions of demonically possessed and oppressed human and hybrid human-alien people.

It was an operation on a grand scale and the evil ones were having a hayday harvesting the souls of deceived, weak-willed lost human souls.

It was hell on earth and would be certain hell for anyone who had not called upon the Name of Jesus to save them prior to their deaths.
End of dream.

I awoke shaken. I plead the Holy Blood of Jesus upon myself, my family and upon the entire Body of Christ. I pray for souls to be saved by You Jesus. Jesus please protect all of us who belong to You, to Our Father in Heaven. Holy Spirit surround every child of Yours and cover us under Your Holy Wings. We place all of our trust in Jesus. Shelter us and give us Your Wisdom which way to walk and to talk at all times. We trust in Christ Jesus alone. Thank You Jesus for You are always Faithful. You are Our Hope and Our High Tower, Our Refuge and our Ark of Safety in Whom we cry out Abba Father!-In Jesus’ Name, Amen.-

Michelle Katherine Orts Your TurtleDove and wife to husband Reverend/Pastor David Orts

Romans 10:13

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