Seals being opened | 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Elizabeth Marie

Seals being opened |4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Feb 7, 2020 9:05 PM
Elizabeth Marie

While praying on February 6, 2020, I received this message:

“There is a lot of death and suffering right now around the world. This has always been, however, it is about to change and go to the next level. It will then increase expedentially.

The match has been set, and the fire comes. It will spread all over the world and every life will be impacted by it.

This is the time to grab a hold of your faith in ME and hold onto it tightly. Many will even question if I am truly there, but I say that I AM with those who believe in ME and who are true and steadfast.

Judgments have been decreed and they will come forth now. Those who have been living for themselves will feel the pain of their decisions.

I will hide MY faithful servants safely under MY wings. There they will find peace, tranquility, and alone time with ME. They will not rebel, but stay faithful, despite the events that are coming.

PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! Be a wise servant…….prepare your hearts and prepare your homes. If any of you lack wisdom, I will give it to those who ask.

Do not fear the days ahead, but pray for MY POWER to manifest amidst the darkness.

Fight of the spirits of fear, hopelessness and despair. Let MY HOLY SPIRIT instead fill you with its fruits of comfort and compassion.

Hold on to ME during this bumpy ride….I will be with you every step of the way!



You are loved with an everlasting love!”


Then, there was a pause, and I waited to see if there was anything else that the LORD wanted to add, then I heard this:

The Seals are being opened……this will bring wrath and chaos of man against mankind. These are the judgments of the antichrist system. First it comes, then MY WRATH follows. Do not fear man, but fear GOD who can destroy both the body and the soul!

The horsemen ride, and each will bring his own flavor of disasters. Each is unique and different, but they work together in unison to bring death and destruction. Fear them not, for they must be, as the usher in the times of the end. (Revelation 6)

As they ride, MY people, look up, for I come for MY own! Though they(MY people) may suffer from man’s hand, they will not suffer MY wrath that I have reserved for the wicked, the arrogant, the rebellious, the lovers of self and lovers of pleasure, the prideful, and those who confess ME not.

HOLD FAST, My beloveds!




and watch and behold the deliverance that I will bring! You will be amazed at MY miracles and wonders that I will do among you!

Do not weep, but rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh!



Psalms 92:2″He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High

Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”


1 Corinthians 15:58

‘Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.’

Ephesians 3:20-21

‘Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,’’

Psalms 57:1

“Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me!

For my soul trusts in You;

And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge,

Until these calamities have passed by.”


Psalms 27:5

“For in the time of trouble

He shall hide me in His pavilion;

In the secret place of His tabernacle

He shall hide me;

He shall set me high upon a rock.”


Joel 2:32

“And it shall come to pass

That whoever calls on the name of the LORD

Shall be saved.

For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance,

As the LORD has said,

Among the remnant whom the LORD calls.”






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  1. Cindy Wooten


  2. Nettie

    See, and this is why I don’t know if I should stop ready ANY prophecy. I follow this prophetes, and I follow Jeff Byerly. Here she says the four horsemen is riding, and in his, he said no, its not the four horsemen yet.
    Directly opposing words.
    What are we suppose to do? What to believe?

  3. Tim Wyman

    Nettie, do not FOLLOW any man (woman) – I emphasize YOUR word “follow”, because what you have stated is vital, yet so few understand. When we FOLLOW another PERSON, what are we doing???Think about the 10 Commandments, and think about the admonishment given to John in Revelation chapters 19 and 22.

    People have been making this same mistake since the beginning of time.

    We are to seek GOD in ALL things; look to Him for the answers you seek. We, as men and women, are to help, assist, encourage, serve and guide. God DOES INDEED use His servants the Prophets to WARN others, in preparation – but, this does NOT MEAN that we are to HEED the words of men.

    Read what Jesus said about calling NO ONE your Father, no one Teacher, and no one Master, and pray about WHY He said this.

    A brother,

  4. Tim

    I forgot the most important thing that WE are called to do – a) Love God with all our heart & soul; b) Love our neighbor as ourself. Jesus told us to LOVE our enemies. Pray about WHOM we are truly loving when we not only love our neighbor, but also our enemies (as Jesus did).

    When this truly happens, is this occasion not indeed indicative of the city that John saw descending upon the earth in Revelation?

    – Tim

  5. Rita

    January 31, 2020 – “Brits enter Corona Virus quarantine in ‘HORSEMAN’ Coach Convoy”

    A convoy of coaches delivered scores of Brits into coronavirus quarantine after they landed back in the UK from a flight from Wuhan in China, the epicentre of the disease.

    The series of six Horseman coaches was seen pulling up at the facility in the Wirral.

    The UK passengers are being taken to Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral for a quarantine period of 14 days, where they will be housed in an NHS staff accommodation block with access to the internet.
    Other passengers on board the flight were EU nationals who went on to Spain.
    Driving on the M6, Liam Musgrove passed the convoy as it travelled on Friday evening.

    “The experience was harrowing and quite surreal,” he said.
    “Seeing such an organised operation in place, it really puts into perspective what a deadly virus this could be.”

    (Coaches arrived at the Brize Norton RAF base at 10am this morning, many watching on TV spotted each had the company name ‘Horseman’ emblazoned on the side – leading to comments about an impending apocalpyse.

    One questioned if using Horseman coaches was the ‘best choice of transport’, adding ‘Apocalypse anyone?’)

  6. ivan dimitrov

    there is a Police in Horses=HORSEMAN…

  7. Nettie

    Tim, I understand what you are saying, but please do not get stuck on a certain word I use. I’m not English, and my understanding and usage of English words thus VASTLY differs from yours. I used follow as in: I weeded out a lot of prophets I feel are NOT hearing from God but from deceiving false Spirits. Of the group that was left, both this person giving THIS prophecy and Jeff Barley was left.

    I do not follow prophets in the same legue as I follow Jesus. I do not read nor rever any prophets as I read or revere the Word. I am in training to help MY people. God talks to me too. But part of that training is to keep updated with whats happening worldwide and in the USAa. My country is extremely special and important in End times, for reasons the World will still find out. We have been warned about this more than 100 years ago already. Like you, God has already revealed to me WHO we are 200 years ago already.

    So I just find it very frustrating when seemingly honest, God-fearing people give conflicting words from God. I do not anymore make decisions based on what they say, I learned that lesson well. But I still need to know timing, in ways you cannot understand, but a huge event is going to occur in my country and God has long ago already told us the signs to look out for. And THATS what I’m doing. Hope you understand this and my cryptness about it.

  8. quick question here:
    We got the satisfying idea of the rapture before the tribulations
    But in the video, I understood that the seal are opening (or real soon), so do you think there will be a rapture before, or during or after?

  9. Tim

    @ Nettie,

    Oh yes, my friend, I understand what you are saying all too well! I feel your frustration about seeming contradictions in words heard by different people. Pray about why this happens, because it is multi-layered. If I might, let me tell you what I remind myself when dealing with such contradictions.

    1) First, I always try to bring it before the Lord. I say “try”, because like Paul, I also “don’t do the things I want to do, and DO the things I DON’T want!!” But, I do try to get understanding, and USUALLY I get it when He feels I am ready to receive.

    2) Remember that the Lord is “timeless” – time as we understand it is a concept of THIS realm. This is mentioned in several ways in the Bible. Consider how this could affect the predicament you mentioned.

    3) Look at the story of Micaiah in 1 Kings 22 – Micaiah was the ONLY prophet who received the truth. ALL of the King Ahab’s prophet’s had heard a deceiving spirit.

    4) Consider what the Lord told Jonah at the end of Jonah 4. “Should I NOT have MERCY on the 120,000 residents of Nineveh who do NOT KNOW their right hand from their left?” What was He telling Jonah? Does this just refer to the time of thousands of years ago???? Or could we be Nineveh yet today??? Doesn’t the right/left hand symbolism sound like “goats on the left and sheep on the right” – originally they were all TOGETHER.

    As far as events and timing, I too feel I have certain understandings. But I have also learned over time that “understanding” is NOT “knowledge”. In other words, 2 + 2 = 4, but “blue” for ME might not be of the same hue as YOUR “blue”, and our neighbors’ blue might be even MORE different.

    As the verse goes, “Who knows the mind of the Lord?”, so is it with these things of God. So, I’d say to you, be PATIENT and ENDURE, knowing that He is Faithful and True.

    God bless you, and take care!


  10. Nettie


    Thank you! Extremely good advice and valid points. I’m going to ponder on it.
    One problem I have, is God’s rules about prophets in the Old Testament. We are told to watch if an event should happen on the date or time they prophecied, and if it doesn’t we should know he was a false prophet and we should know it was a test for us. And we should stop listening to that prophet.

    Today, so far all prophets used the words “soon” and “now”, and “it’s time!”, and “door is closing”, etc. God is better than me in English. He knows EXACTLY what the word “now” means to us. I know He is outside of time, but HE created time and HE knows how we see and live by time. And Jesus Christ followed timing perfectly. Number of days in desert, number of years ministering, day of death, day of rising. He understands time. So for He knows what “now” means.

    So almost all prophets used now or imminent, etc.
    Then months and/or years pass.

    So were these false prophets and are we failing God’s tests by still reading anything they have to say?

    Was it a test for THEM as well, to realise they are deceived and being deceiving?

    Or do we just use the excuse that we don’t understand God’s timing or His mercy like Nineve? And that like one prophet on here said “Urgent” and “it’s time!” three times, and then 5 years passed means we just don’t understand mercy and how long-suffering He is? Or are we living in a time loop so for some it has happenned already and we just don’t know it?

    How can we make sure we do the right thing, when its so contradicting? Is it better to not listen to prophets anymore if theres so many false ones out there and we can’t seem to find a true one? But what about Matthew 11:41 then? We don’t care about the reward, but if Jesus said its a hood thing, we surely want to comply. But the sheer volume of false or false timing is overwhelming! And like I said, MANY lives are at stake based on this, in MY country. I feel so lost about this.

  11. Tim Wyman

    @ Nettie,

    First off, until you mentioned it earlier, I had no clue English was not your native language – you write better in English than I do in any of the foreign languages I have had experience with. So, I would consider your routine understanding of the WORDS more than adequate. But, any discrete understanding though, can only come from the Lord, and this rule applies to ANY language.

    As far as distinguishing “false” prophets from “real” ones, I truly don’t worry about this. This is why we are to rest beneath His wings – an Old Testament equivalent is “the booths”; just made of leaves, branches, and such – in other words, a TEST of OUR FAITH in Him. Regarding “false prophets”, consider Deuteronomy 18:22 – “When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath NOT SPOKEN, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously; thou shalt NOT be AFRAID OF HIM.”

    Many people use this as an opportunity to ATTACK (usually VERBALLY) these people, but is this godly??? He tells us to “not be afraid”, and NOT to provoke, ostracize, hate, or other vile thing. This is a huge difference!

    So, why would this happen? Did Jesus not tell us we would “reap what we sow”?? God says “My ways are not your ways.” Jesus also told us, “I am not of this world” and also “Follow me!” There are many more examples of the SPIRITUAL way that we must follow, and we must CONTINUALLY strive to follow this path in ALL the things we do. So, my advice to you is do what God told Moses in Deuteronomy 18 – DO NOT WORRY about those things – FOLLOW HIM!!

    Now, to continue on with this subject of why God would allow certain things to happen, I will cite a few scriptures, and ask that you PRAY HARD about them, asking Him for HIS TRUTH.

    I will start with Isaiah 63: (Read it all, here are verses 8-10) –

    8 For He said, “Surely they are My people,
    Children who will not lie.”
    So HE BECAME their Savior.
    9 In all their affliction He was afflicted,
    And the Angel of His Presence saved them;
    In His love and in His PITY He redeemed them;
    And He bore them and carried them
    All the days of old.
    10 But THEY REBELLED and GRIEVED His Holy Spirit;

    Now, consider the fact that we are ALL BORN INTO SIN; NONE OF US are righteous.

    (I will continue this soon in a new post – my own situation is a bit difficult/trying, and I am very limited as to how and when I can write)


  12. Tim

    @ Nettie,
    (Cont. from above)

    So considering these things, who was given dominion over the earth – it’s in Genesis 1:26? Does God go back on His word? Has He changed His mind? Of course not!!

    So, after John baptized Jesus (with water, of course), Jesus walked in the wilderness for 40 days, and was tempted by “the Adversary” (literal translation of “Satan”). Doesn’t that word “adversary” sound like the word used in Isaiah 63?? What did the “adversary” say he could give Jesus? Was it not “Dominion” over ALL these things, if He (Jesus) would only bow before him (adversary/”Satan”). Am I “minimizing” Satan?? Not at all – I asking you to PRAY what God is TRYING to TELL US, that we just REFUSE TO HEAR. It says “we STOP OUR EARS”; Isaiah 42 says, who is BLIND but My servant?

    So now, consider John 14:23-24:
    “…If a man love Me, he will keep My words, and My Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. He that loveth Me NOT keepeth not my sayings, and the word which ye hear is NOT MINE, but THE FATHER’S WHICH SENT ME.” Think about that one – how does this relate to the previous verses, including Isaiah 63???

    Now, go to Luke 14:26-27:
    “If any man come to Me and HATE NOT his father, his mother, and wife and children and brethren and sisters, yea, AND HIS OWN LIFE also, HE CANNOT BE my disciple.” We NEVER HEAR this one in church! Why is that??? No one understands it! Yet, I ask you, are you beginning to see what the Lord is telling us??

    It is WHY NONE are righteous, WHY we all are born into sin, WHY we must humble ourselves before Him. Read Genesis 6 and PRAY about WHO INDEED are the ones who fell, and who ARE the 1/3 of the angels of Heaven.

    I advise you to read what Jesus told the Jews in John 10; he quotes directly from Psalm 82 (read that too – “ALL walk about IN DARKNESS”). Pray about how this relates to God saying “I AM”, and consider the implications of “I AM”.

    This is why I tell ALL, I am NOT a teacher, for there is only ONE TEACHER. I can only show another, who MUST EAGERLY seek the Lord, where I have been led myself. When I prayed earlier about how to reply to you, I understood that you ARE eager, and therefore write more in-depth.

    I pray for you, Nettie, and I pray for all.


  13. Nettie

    My previous comment did not show. Let’s hope this one does.
    I’m REALLY grateful for your time and replies. I feel like I’m on the brink of understanding, but still much is hidden.

    So yes, I have been shown much the same as you about the third. But. I have also been showed about the two-thirds! So who are we? Where do we fit in? For what purpose? Not all have the same purpose because not all have the same beginnings.

    So some is punishment. Reap what you sowed (even long ago and without remembrance of WHAT you’ve done). Some are lessons. Basically a “you did this to other beings, now feel what its like as a recipient, so that you can learn empathy and not do it again”. Some are tests to learn more understanding of what others go through on a personal level. Like Job. Some are just examples for others, like the blind man Jesus healed with spit. To demonstrate power and give knowledge.

    But. Then there were also MANY victims. And they too are given second chances. For example. Do you know who and what the sirens were? Not the well-known ones that sing and lure. But the 144k women that was a sacrifice in the time of Nimrod/Sargon? Why THAT number?

    So who are we? Where do we fit in? Who’s who? Whats our purpose. Its all individualised. I was shown that my earhtly mother is definately part of a group. But what relation does that have if we’re “only” spirits? So we’re not. We’re genetic beings. Genes matter. And who our parents are matter. Now, and in the future age. It determines where and who we are. And what happened to us, or by us. And where we’re going.

    So I desparately want to find out who I am. I am autistic. So I absolutely HATE secrets. I am extremely honest (which is why I HATE lies and being lied to). So am I autistic NOW, or was I always? The bigger picture eludes me still. And where we fit in. Each, and collectively. As groups. And countries. My country is extremely special. Which is why we are suffering on a magnitude others like Americans and Europeans refuse to acknowledge and see. And the WHY elude me.

    Anyway. I hope you can offer more insight. I know sort of, which group me and my “earhtly” mother fits into. Which gives me pointers. (She passed on – and had to, for reasons I can not share but somehow fits into Gen 18). I also know and has been shown that God loves me more than words can describe. So thats not my problem. I feel the desperate need to figure out who I am. Whats my purpose. And its as if time is of the essence. But He assured me, I am exactly at the spot He needs me to be. I think I lack patience. I want to know what I want to know when I want to know. Instead of adhering to His extremely slow and meticulous pace. And I let fear for my people get the better of me, because I’ve been shown horrific things thats still to come for them. And they have suffered SO much already.

    Just to sum up. So yes, I hear you about the third. But. Theres also a two thirds. They have an active role. VERY active. And has been active for millenia as well. In ways not all have been shown. Wish I could be more clear. But I BALK at the idea of the one third. Which makes me think I’m not. Iykwim. Rather, part of the “purpose of guiding and protecting and rescuing”. I’ve been shown over and over I’m here to protect the innocent and still-blinded. Makes sense?

  14. Nettie


    I’m still pondering and studying. But for now I’m stuck on Luke 14:26.

    I read my Bibke in my language. And my verse most definately does not say or translate to “hate”. So it caught me off-guard to see the English. And why you say its never preached. In my country, its preached about regularly. But I get how a pastor would struggle over the word “hate”. How would you reconcile that with Jesus two most important comandments.

    So I checked other English translations online, and all use the word “hate”. I find it really strange.

    Anyway, so I checked the original Greek. And it can be translated into three ways:
    1. To hate
    2. To detest or to persecute
    3. To love less

    Our translation, in my language, basically use thethird. It states roughly that to be a disciple, or follower, you need to let go of all your family and earthly goods and life. As a nation, my people are exteemely attached to three things, in this order. Our God, our family, our farms. Everything we as a nation do, believe, preach, etc. are on the basis of those. So for God, we would lay down everything. Including our lives and the lives of our family. Same for our families, and lastly for our farmlands. Thats all thats really important to us and all our lives revolves around this. So I find it strange to understand the English version of hate. It jars with what I believe and what we have been taught. We will lay our lives down for God, at the drop of a hat. No questions ask. But to hate your children does not make sense to me. We revere them as our most precious and only gifts of real importance. We do not love them more than God. And we do not spoil them. Quite the opposite. We’re known to raise our children extremely strict. And most of our children turn out pretty good, so we know our methods work.

    Anyway, I think I’ll stick to my Bible and translation and the way we were taught what it means. As t fits in with all other teachings of Jesus.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give you our perspective. Like I said. Its actually a favourite teaching of preachers here in my country.

  15. Tim Wyman


    Thank you so much for your kind words – I only try to help, and do that which I feel called. 😀

    As I read your response, I understood more just WHY I understood YOU to be “eager”, and why I understood to write more than I typically would. And now, considering these things, I will reveal something else I understood, but did NOT say. And I say this with all humility, and I ask that you RECEIVE this in this same humility. When I prayed about you, I understood – “SILVER”. YOU, Nettie, must understand the rest!!!

    I told you that I am in a challenging & complicated situation. I understand the verse “The son of man has no place to rest his head” very well, because I feel I am living it too.

    I’m married (31 years) but separated. My wife and family don’t believe that God can talk with us, and they don’t see the things that you and I see. I lived with my pastor and her husband for about 7 weeks (they are BEAUTIFUL people!!) until a debilitating work accident – my right hand crushed in a machine. My wife thought I was seeking pity, as a way to get back with her. Absolutely NOT! Even though my pastor would have let me stay longer, I knew I needed more help than they would have been able to provide. So now I’m living with my 82 year old mom, 90 miles from my home, going to physical therapy 3 times a week. My mom is TOTALLY into (read – “worried”) the political situation, but thinks the “right” presidential candidate will SOLVE all our problems. Her thoughts on God (she “believes”) are vastly different from mine. She doesn’t understand that I have no interest in the election, other than the fact that I am just greatly saddened by our corrupt leaders and system. I could continue on, but would rather concentrate on you.

    If I HAD a working email address I’d give it to you, but I lost access to mine a couple of months ago. I UNDERSTOOD “Don’t worry about it – just serve Me”, so I have NOT set up a new one. This latter part goes to one of my “unnamed understandings”.

    I agree with your understanding that “you are exactly where He needs you to be”. Think about it like Jacob’s ladder. Each of our experiences, both good and bad, serve to bring us up the ladder, closer to Him.

    You mentioned being autistic. I’ve come to understand that people with these types of conditions are especially precious to Him. I think about different people I’ve met with Down Syndrome – they always seem so HAPPY, a STARK contrast to many so-called “normal” people. Don’t sweat the things you don’t understand – He’ll tell you WHEN YOU ARE READY for this. He does not want us to get a “big head” or all puffed-up.

    You HATE lies – I do too!!! This is probably the biggest reason that I am separated and am in a difficult situation. Most people are blind to all the lies that we are told. God said, “they will call evil good, and good evil.” That is precisely what I perceive.

    As far as “who you are” – I can think of this in at least 3 different ways. And, Nettie, it is an EXCELLENT question, because I ask the same thing all the time. I feel He has shown me much, but there is much more that is unanswered. Keep seeking and asking Him, and as you are ready, He’ll give you more.

    And, before I let you go, may I ask which country you are from? Please know, I love everyone, and know that we are ALL God’s children. He’s shown me “the rainbow” – it’s NOT what men teach!! (Ask Him what it is!) In school my best friend was from Iran (this in the midst of the ’79 crisis too!!). I loved going to his apartment where he lived with his two older brothers – great food, conversations, and music!! I speak Swedish, Russian and German with varying degrees of fluency, and although I studied both Spanish and French in school, I don’t even consider them.

    So Nettie, if you are cool with “this way” of talking for now, I’ll consider looking into another email!

    Take care, and God bless you,

    Your friend and brother,

  16. Nettie


    I have SO much to say. I will copy it in several messages. I don’t care about means of conversation, however fits you is fine with me. Technology is just tools for me. I’m a trained Software Developer, so anything works for me.

    First, I will explain about my country. Its VERY long, so I will split it in two messages.

    As you noticed, I try to not name it. Because it usually immediately change the perception of the person I talk to, about me. I have rarely come across someone who does not almost immediately, think three things of me when I name my country. 1. Racist. 2. Deserving. 3. Lying about the true situation.

    I’m sorry to be blunt. But thats what happens over and over and over, because people do not understand and the World only knows the lies told to them by Media.

    So here goes: Rainbow – you got it!! We are called the Rainbow nation. I see you picked up on Rainbow. You may have thought it was because of other reasons, but I think God showed you, so that you can have insight into my people. I think God has a reason for making me and you connect. Think about what YOUR knowledge now is on the rainbow. How its misused and the why. And then wonder WHY the powers that be, called MY country the Rainbow Nation 25 years ago.

    So my country is the Republic of South Africa. The utmost Southern part of the African continent. These days known only for one thing. Apartheid. It was and is wrong. But. Allow me to write about our VERY complex and long history. Read when and IF you have time and the inclination.

    My country, I was shown, is also in Lamentations 3:31-66. Please read this (just quick overview), and again after I explain the following.

    In 1652 Netherland/Holland colonised the Southern point of Africa. Actually it was only a small trading post with a few farms to provide fresh fruit for seafarers who needed Vitamin C.

    There were only one small nomadic tribe there in the Southern Cape at the time we white folk arrived 370 years ago. We did NOT kill them, hunt them or murdered them. Most people assume we did, as this was the way it happened in many other countries in those days. But we did not. So they believe the lies told, as it rings true. But in our case, it was not.

    These KoiSan feared the black Bantus who lived in the East of the country as the Bantus killed them for generations before we came. So they stayed mostly in the West of our country, along the coast. To this day, they are exceptionally good fishermen. The Bantus came from the North, from around Kenya and DRC long after the KoiSan came here, but before us.

    The Bantus preferred the East of the country, where we have good rainful, as they were and are herdsmen. The West is dry and semi-desert in parts. The KoiSan were peaceful people who flees from violence, like us. The Bantus are conquerors. There were many more tribes, but they fought many wars against each other and today there are about 15 tribes left. Most are ruled by a King each, to this day, and they have very different cultures from the West.

    Our numbers in those days, grew from Dutch, to also include German and French Hugenots (I’m mixed french, my forefathers fled when they were persecuted in France for our religion in the 17th century, and my husband is a direct German descendant – arrived here in 1668).

    The nation was Dutch-speaking in the beginning though. The French and German adapted to the Dutch as the government were Dutch. But, in time, we created our own language, called Afrikaans today, extremely intermixed with the KoiSan and Maleisean people’s languages, who also arrived as slaves brought by the English. Today, we and the KoiSan both speak Afrikaans. The only people in the world to speak this language, and one of the youngest languages in the World. It was only acknowledged as a language less than 100 years ago,

    We lived in peace for the first150 years with the KoiSan. We knew about black bantu people in the East, but did not have much contact.

    Then the UK under the Crown came and took the Cape port from the Dutch in 1820. Politics in the World has changed and the UK was on a mission to colonise the World and become a World Power. The Dutch in the Cape was just a peaceful farming settlement and stood no chance against the Imperialistic forces.

    They (the English) then forced us to educate and pray in English. Half of my people said No! And fled Northwards inland when their petitions to the new government failed. In the meantime, the English settled more to the East, came into contact with the Xhosa Bantus and fought wars with them too. (UK loved their wars!). They also came from India, settled into the far East of the country right into the midst of the Zulu Bantus and made war with them too! Then brought Indian slaves and forced them to work in the sugar plantations there. We had nothing to do with any of that.

    To flee the English in the Cape though, we went North and came into contact with other Bantu tribes in the middle parts of the country. They were recently decimated by tribal wars. The Zulus from the East under Shaka wiped out lots of tribes completely. We traded lands with those left, especially the M’tebele’s. Thereon we laid towns and then formed two Republics connecting all the farms and towns. Which we called the Afrikaner Republics. Transvaal and Oranje-Vrystaat. We were SO happy! Free at last from UK and Netherlands and their demands on us.

    We never stole the land and never murdered any people for those lands. We only ever bought and traded, especially services of protection (the tribal wars were brutal, so we would protect one tribe from another in trade for land). Many of our own pople were murdered by some of the brutal tribal leaders. We retaliated, but never murdered or warred first. Once we made a covenant with God, which He honored and protected us. The covenent stand to this day.

    Alas, our freedom and happiness lasted only a few years, then gold and diamonds were discover in both Republics. To our horror and dismay. We did not care for it, we were farmers. The English though, wanted it. They made war against us, called the Anglo Boere War 1. They lost. Four decades later, they came again, MUCH stronger. They sent ten times the amount of soldiers we had. We HATE war. But are GOOD at it, because God fought with us. Again, they started loosing.

    So they designed a new plan. Under Lord Kitchener. He scorched the Boere farms, forcibly took all the women and children and put them into concentration camps. With very little food and into tents not big enough to breath. Almost ALL our children under age 5 died. You can read about Emily Hobhouse. An English Angel who fought her own government when she, as a nurse, saw what her government were doing (and to this day deny they were doing).

    So the Boere surrendered when they heard about the children’s deaths, and handed our Republics on a platter to the UK. They, the English, immediately brought in thousands upon thousands of the Bantu’s from the East of the country into our Republics to mine the gold and diamonds for them. As well as scores of UK citizens. We had zero say who entered in. And to this day, ALL these gold and diamonds are taken to the UK. They were made wealthy and powerful, by stealing our countries from us after murdering our tiny, young, innocent children. All for the gold and diamonds. Which we NEVER care for. We only ever wanted our own farms and stand under our own rule to pray and educate in our own language. To be free. And the world, to this day, keeps mum about what was done to us. Just like what is happening again today.
    (I will continue).

  17. Nettie

    Continued (message nr 2).

    So we lost our countries and any rights we had in 1902. We were poor, decimated, destroyed. Our farms were burnt down, and we mourned the loss of our children. We had nothing. Humiliated. And had to accept the little bit of help the English gave. So we worked really, really, really hard those days. And within 40 years, we were strong again.

    We fought the English politically after that and 50 years later won the vote!! In 1948. Yes. Interesting date, don’t you think?

    We won the vote with our National political party and thus, the tides were turned from English majority rule to Afrikaner majority rule.

    And then made the biggest mistake EVER. Instead of just taking back our two Republics, we took the West, South and East as well and called it one Republic and refused voting to anyone other than whites.

    That was WRONG and we are being punished dearly for that sin. To this day. By God. And the world.

    It was difficult though, because for 50 years the English ran it as one big country. So everything was already intermixed and not separate groups and lands and countries anymore as it was before the Second Anglo Boere War of 1900. The English not only fought and won our Republics, they also fought and won the Xhosas and the Zulus, took their countries, brought in Indian slaves and added it all to the Cape in the South and West as ONE country for fifty years.

    We were given a big mess, and instead of entangling, we made a bigger and VERY selfish mess and called it ALL ours. The white Afrikaners. From 1948, until 1994. We did try though. We created what we called Bantustans. Separate provinces in each tribe’s homelands where their Kings could rule and make decisions for each tribe. Zulus, Xhosas, Tswanas, Swazi’s, Sotho’s, etc. Ten provinces for their tribes.

    Then we asked everyone not originally from our Republics, to wear a passcard (like a passport) to come in and out of those areas that used to be ours. We could not throw them out. The English brought them in for mining, in the 50 years they ruled. They created what they call townships, which was all around the mines and were the homes of those miners by that stage. But their families were still in their homelands, the Bantustans. With their Kings. So we asked them to wear passcards, and did not give them voting rights and asked them to stay in their towns and we in ours. It was wrong. THAT was the true face of Apartheid. We did not want to live in mixed cities. That was ALL there ever was to Apartheid. NOT the lies told by the world media.

    The Bantu cultures are VERY different from ours. We are extremely quiet folks. They were not. We are God-fearing. They were not. We honored animal life, they did not. We were private and modest. They are not. We had a few children, they had extremely large families. They spoke their languages, we ours. They prayed to their ancestars, we prayed to Jesus Christ and God the Father. Etc. VERY different cultures. To this day. So we tried to adhere to God’s principles of “if you can’t convert them, stay separate so as to not follow their pagan ways”. And the world called it Apartheid and evil.

    The KoiSan converted very easily and to this day are Christians. The Bantus said they convert, but still practise Ancestral worship, pagan rules, witchcraft, etc. They regularly and openly deny God as their creator, boast their gods are stronger, and mock Jesus Christ.

    Clearly, their god and our God are two different beings. Sometimes they will openly acknowledge their god is actually the Sungod Ra. Of course there ARE a small group who indeed DID convert, but its a very, very small minority. Whereas with the KhoiSan, almost ALL converted.

    The English (Elites of today) HATED that we won our country back. So, they tried the next thing. They stoke the fires amongst the black people THEY brought into our republics, as well as within the world. And paid for Bantu people to go live in Russia and trained in the communist ways. Then they paid Cuba, a communist country, to fight us from the North via Angola. We hated that war, but again, were forced into it to defend ourselves from Communism take over. Again, God helped us and we won. Then, Communism “supposedly” fell in 1989.

    So they had to devise ANOTHER plan (they just NEVER give up). This time, they brought the Bantu’s trained in communism back, spread a multitude of lies about us into the World, infiltrated our own government with freemasons, paid black opposition millions and millions to cause chaos, and voila, our country was on the brink of civil war. The blacks were killing each other in horrific ways (you can google necklacing – started by Nelson Mandela’s wife, Winnie). The tribes to this day, hate each other and needed very little encouragement to continue their old wars.

    The “stories” about how Afrikaners persecuted and killed blacks were just that. Stories. Lies. During the trials afterwards, it was determined that whites killed 622 blacks in political killings. It was WRONG. But it was never thousands or millions as were told to the world. Most of those, were communists caught and imprisoned for bombings. They planted bombs in our churches, malls and farms. Killing many innocent children as well as adults.

    20 000 blacks were also killed by other black tribes in this time, and the world blamed us for that.

    So we said STOP! Voted in a referendum and gave our country to the ANC black rule. The WHOLE country. Just like that. Everything. All state owned companies. The whole police and civil forces. The keys to ALL our wealth. ALL lands not privately owned. West and East. We only asked three things in return.
    1. Do not kill us (they are doing it).
    2. Respect our language, schools and churches. (They did not).
    3. Respect property rights. (They are now taking our properties without payment).

    There are something like almost 200 laws currently against any white person here. For example, no white person may have a company by himself if he wants to trade or work with state-owned companies or municipalities. You have to hand 51% of your company to a black partner even if he had no input.

    Only 5-10% of places in schools, univarcities and jobs are given to whites, no matter whose qualified or not. So most of our kids can’t even study or study the course they want. And finding a job is very hard without degrees. We tend to now employ each other and our children wherever we can, else we would starve.

    Blacks get welfare, whites usually dont. For example, only Orphanages that ONLY have black kids, get tax exemptions. If you have even ONE white child in your orphanage, you don’t get tax exemption and very little if any funding.

    We NEVER had such laws against blacks during Apartheid. Instead, we built MANY univarcities, orphanages, sports complexes, schools and worldclass hospitals in their towns too. Today, whites have to fund their own kids’ education. We don’t get bursaries and very little school funding. And now they threaten to close all Afrikaans schools left. They already closed about two thirds. And took all univarcities from us.

    Everyday today, the news displays lies about us, who we are, and what we have done or not done. The hatred it has caused in the young blacks of today is pulpable. Our young are now also calling for civil war as its untenable for them. They don’t have jobs. Our language are being destroyed by the government. They are maligned and pushed aside. If the government at least ruled their OWN people effectively, it would have been okay. But from about 5% unemployment during our rule, amongst ALL people, there is now 40%. Also amongst THEIR people. The government is SO corrupt, that no other nations wants to invest here anymore. They looted the state dry. Their policies against whites, caused all whites who could’nt find jobs to flee the country, and people without experience or knowledge are employed based on skincolour. This lead to the failure of almost all municipalities, water services, electricity, police, traffic, health and army. And instead of blaming the government, they are now openly taught the lie that it all started during and because of Apartheid and thus we Afrikaners are at fault for all their miseries. Never the English, and never themselves. Always us, the Afrikaners.

    But worst of all are the murders. We are murdered everyday in the most horrific ways. Usually, the (almost always black Bantu) criminals spend hours and hours in the house or farm they target. Slowly torturing and terrorising everyone. Even children. Usually it involves rape, cutting, boiling, crushing, etc. I can’t give a voice to the horrors my people face, because Western people will not believe it. Its horrific beyond human imagination. No horror movie can explain what we face. If you have the stomach, you can google Farm murders South Africa. They only show the relatively mild cases and photos. The truly horrific ones are hidden from everyone. Its beyond belief. And the criminals have NO respect for age or gender. Quite the opposite. Add to that a failing police force, overcrowded prisons, and we are basically left to fend for ourselves.

    So we live in CONSTANT fear behind high walls, electric fencing, alarms and beams and cctv. We don’t go out at night, always move around in groups, etc. Our whole lives have altered from free to living in a prison. We cannot help but constantly fear for our children’s lives. Most people actively teach their children to seek jobs in other countries, even if that means heartache beyond comprehension. Every day we hear how another of us have been killed, tortured, raped, maimed, etc. It got to the point where even our own small, local newspapers rarely report more than 10% of cases, because people can’t take it anymore.

    As a nation, we have little left. Those that could, have emigrated. Splitting families apart. Our language is being destroyed. Our once thriving country is in the gutter. We don’t even have electricity every day. They have now made it law to take our farmlands and possibly in the future, all properties (houses) without any payment based on the lie that we stole it.

    We’re on our knees. Calling out to the Father to help. Trying to get the world to notice. We feel ignored, maligned, ridiculed or told we “deserve it” because of Apartheid. We DID wrong. We allowed our rulers to do wrong. We did far less though, far far far less, than what is being done to us. And the world that were up in arms over what we did, are quiet. Refusing to even acknowledge whats being done to us. And how our politicians are openly calling for our genocide on stages now.

    Now, read Lamentations 3 from verse 31 again, this time remembering how my people suffer, why we suffer, and how we are called the skunk of the world.

    (I will continue)

  18. Nettie

    (Message 3).

    For some reason, my one reply of some days ago did not show up. In there, I told you that you are a kindred spirit to me. I have found very very very few in my life. I would thus love to keep contact with you. And soon, we will meet!


    I will understand if you are hesitant now, after reading who I am, how I feel, and all that is happening in my country. In my anger and hurt over my people, and my fear for their lives, I DO generalise which may sound extremely racist. The Evil side has caused much hatred to fester between the groups in my country. Swept up by hate and lies and murders. We are only 3 million Afrikaners. Less than 2 million white English. About 5 million KoiSan (they are descendants we believe, of Ham and old Egyptians, thus they are brown skinne). And the rest are about 70 million Bantus, most of them pagans. We are such minorities, that its difficult for other countries to understand our lives. And our desperate wish to be free. And even in our own country, many people wonder why we are upset at what happened to us, as they believe we are whites living in a black country and continent, so we should not complain. But they don’t understand our history. That it never was theirs. That we were forced over and over and over to flee, or hand over our lands. We are so tired of it, so now our young people are calling for war. We never first started a war. And what can 3 million do against 70 million, especially when their side have all the weapons and all the military and equipment, etc. So I live in constant fear for my people. I know God will make a way. I know He is with us. I know fear is of the enemy. But I am just human. And we hear every day of more murders and more hatred from the politicians, more lies in the Media. We are so very very tired.

    So I get it that Western people cannot understand our problems nor our reaction to it. Or our reaction to the people ruling over us. Because most blacks and whites in their countries, are the same. Same values. Same beliefs. Similar cultures. In their countries, whites are the majority, so they struggle to realise how it is when another culture takes over yours, rule over you and force to abide by their ways, even when it goes against the principles of the Bible, like property rights.

    If it makes you uneasy though, I get it. Or makes you think differently about me, I understand. You can just let it all go quiet. Don’t stress about it.

    In the meantime though! on to the rest of your post.

    I understand your situation better now. Thank you for sharing. You don’t need my sympathy, though you deserve a big hug and a “well done, my servant”. Because you have seen it for what it is and dealt with it accordingly. I will pray for healing and less pain in your hand. I assume you have pain, but I also “feel” you have pain. Its a stretching kind of pain? Also, theres one deep point in the one place. In the bone itself. Around the base of the thumb I think? My feeling is that when the bone crushed, it pushed it in on itself. Like a pressure being applied. And the pressure has not lifted, it is constant. I don’t know how much physical therapy can help for that. It will help for function and pain in the muscles though. Anyway, I will pray. And soon we will get complete healing and understand why we not only were refined emotionally and spiritually, but also physically. One person I read, said that God says He is exceptionally careful with us at the moment. Those whose going to be in His service. He works on us on every level. And He has a constant eye on us, to perfect us. So it feels like abandonment and punishment, but in effect it truly is refinement. It will fit in with my one message later on.

    Your wife will “wake up”. There is something about Ef 5:32 thats not yet revealed to us. Hang onto that. He knows. And HE will take care of it. Work on forgiveness. Even for lies, which we hate. Forgiveness is THE most difficult thing for me. I think you are like me – sensitive. Thus, you feel deeply. Thus, hurts also goes deeply. We can forgive the person, but we struggle to heal the wounds. And the wounds forever reminds us. And that brings the emotions back over and over and over. I once explained it to my sister. It’s like a knife slicing a piece of my soul. It bleeds. It heals.

    Then the same knife slice the same place. It bleeds. It heals. Over and over and over and over. The other person got used to weilding the knife and forgets even that its a knife, a tool, and because it was used so much, they forget that it cause pain. We hid the pain of the cuts so well, that they never comprehended the damage it do. So in a way, they really do not get it. And partly, we are to blame. So they cut over and over with seemingly so much ease and carelessness, because we hid the pain and it heals and we forgive.

    Until one day, the bleeding does not stop. And you sit with that open wound and wonder how did it ever get to THIS point. And how can you heal again. And then, from fear of having that open wound cut even more, you turn inward and away. With that, forgiveness becomes difficult. Because to forgive is to be open to hurt again. But how, when you’re still holding the pieces together, watching the lifegiving blood flow away, can you be open to more? We are only human. We have limits. Even when we try to turn the cheek everytime, at one point we feel incapable of accepting more.

    For me, when this happened, God stepped in, and removed me from them, who did this (my three siblings). And twice He allowed me to turn back to them as I missed them, but He warned me it will lead to more of the same pain. And twice they did the exact same thing immediately. Now, I can SEE it. They don’t. But I do. And God said: “THIS is why you need to stay away for a while, so that I can heal YOU, and at the same time, work on THEM, because I love them TOO. I allowed them to cause you pain to mold you for My purposes, but I never expected you to take SO much of it”.

    So He called Enough! And stepped in. And now He deals with them. I do not know how with my brothers as we don’t have any contact at all, but my sister is going through a very very hard time. She does not yet put two and two together, but one day she will understand. And I’m just grateful He is saving them too. And if He needs me to stand aside so that He can work on them, I do it gladly. They don’t believe any of what I say. They are Cristians, but lukewarm and in several false beliefs and concepts still. I trust Him that He will deal with them as He sees fit. So I don’t mention anything anymore.

    In my case, its thus not my husband but my siblings. God has given me a rock for a husband. A truly Godly, righteous man. He does not understand my path with God, and does not hear God as clearly. But he is perfect for me, so that I can do what I am called for. We have four children. I homeschool the youngest three, one which is autistic and three which have medical problems.

    Your mom – Her generation has done their bit. Its us now. She just need to believe. God has seperate plans for the different groups. He knows how their generation lived and believed. He understands them. My own parents in law are almost “simple minded”. I cannot discuss these things with them. They are true believers. And thats good enough. God created them as they are. They don’t need to understand all as I do. Especially evil. They cannot understand evil. God has not given them the understanding He has given me. It will drown them in fear, if I were to told them whats really going on in the world. They can’t deal with it. And that makes me realise, they are not the ones called to it. My road is different. He will take care of them.

    Your time with your mom is very precious. Very precious. Let her talk about politics. You know what you know. And God has got her in His hands.

    I will continue.

  19. Nettie

    (Message 4 – last one!)

    It made me cry when you spoke about me and seeing silver. It told me I am who I was shown I am, and the why.

    So it means, I can trust what is being showed to me. I doubt. I very easily doubt. Because as an empath and autistic (almost oxymoron I know), I have faced much riducule in my life, and much malignment, misunderstandings, and teasings, etc. I have very few friends, because as an autistic, I’m too honest. Too straightforward, too tactless and too particular. Very defined beliefs and wants and judgement. I refuse to budge. Unmovable. My mom used to say – Life is NOT fair, I can’t insist on it! Life is NOT black and white, grey areas exists! As an autistic, I cut the world into two. Good and bad. Right and wrong. And that usually cost me friends, family, etc. But, its an impossility for an autistic to change that quality. It IS what makes the diagnosis of being autistic or not. Our rigidness. I was only diagnosed with my daughter some years ago. I thus grew up being called “difficult”. I still am. Difficult. But now, I accept it. I get it. And it gave me the tools to help my daughter with it. And slowly, God is showing me the why behind it.

    Anyway, I am thus used to being called weird. To be not acknowledge in any conversation or in a group. To be overlooked. I thus do not and have never seen myself as special, even in God’s eyes. I knew my relationship with Him was somewhat different than the usual, but most people I tried to talk to about it, looked at me even more strange. So I did not act much on it. Until He called me two years ago. Everything changed instantly for me.

    Still, I have zero desire to be known or be someone. Quite the opposite. I HATE being in the spotlight so much, that I tend to hide in my house, away from ALL contact as much as I can.

    You were thus a MUCH needed confirmation for me. I am being molded. A few weeks ago, I was told silver is refined in fire until we can see our reflection in the silver. He told me I am being refined into His image, His reflection. So that He can use me. Still I struggle to believe I can be of much use, when almost zero people ever listen to me or have an interest in me. I am the ignored one in a conversation, the one people would interrupt because they did not even hear my really soft voice. So even after God has showed me so much, guided me my whole life extra ordinarily, been with us every step, I stilll doubt that I am hearing Him correctly. And then He told you just one word. Silver. And its eaxctly what I needed to hear. He is amazing in His so simplistic but targetted ways. I wish I can provide the same to you. Because it meant the world to me. Just one word. So amazing.

    Thank you. For all. Just for being there. For your words. Your prayers and your knowledge and kindness. May God keep you close in the coming days.

    Your friend.

  20. Tim

    Hi Nettie,

    And to think that feared (slightly 😀) that I had offended you with something I wrote! Wow, now I understand! I’m reading Tolstoy or Gogol’!!!!

    Anyway, I’ve only read the 1st part completely, and have skimmed through the rest. I, too, have much to say, and AGREE, that we SHALL meet, but – and this is just a hunch, an “inkling of the Spirit” if you will – I FEEL Him telling me, and thereby YOU also, there is SO MUCH more that He is saying. These type of things I SELDOM SAY or write to another because I do not want to “corrupt” the Spirit. He WILL TELL you as you are ready. Let me know if you feel it too😀.

    I wanted to write SOMETHING though to you, just to know “all is good”.

    Interestingly enough, I have a bit of a S. Africa tale for you too. I met my wife in W. Berlin in 1986 – she is German. Her Uncle was also from Berlin (recently died), but he had cousins who had emigrated to S. Africa many years prior to that (don’t know when). My wife’s uncle stayed in touch with them, visited S. Africa at least twice and spoke to me many times and showed many pictures about his visits there. However, at least partly due to the political situation there, the cousins left South Africa for Scotland several years back. Now, in the family they are known as “die Deutschen Sued-Afrikaner im Schottland”!!! Nice, eh??

    Anyway, I’ll cut this short so that I can continue reading what you wrote.

    Your friend and brother,

  21. Tim

    Hi Nettie,

    I just finished part 2, and wanted to give you a couple things to think about. These relate to our previous discussions also.

    I want you to read this part of Luke 17, and be open-minded about it. Don’t listen to what you learned in church, or what your neighbor says, or LIKELY even what your mother said (there are POSSIBLY some exceptions). Think about what happens to SILVER – this is that process!!! So, I want you to humbly ask the Lord to EXPLAIN His Truth to YOU regarding the IDENTITY of the Son of Man.

    Consider what it says about 1) The Kingdom of God. 2) You’ll look for the “days” of the Son of Man, yet will not see it. Why is that? Are we not told we are blind? Did Jesus not say, ‘Let he that have eyes SEE???” It even says don’t go here or there! 3) Look what must happen FIRST.

    Luke 17:20-25
    20 Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; 21 nor will they say, [f]‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is [g]within you.”

    22 Then He said to the disciples, “The days will come when you will desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see it. 23 And they will say to you, [h]‘Look here!’ or ‘Look there!’ Do not go after them or follow them. 24 For as the lightning that flashes out of one part under heaven shines to the other part under heaven, so also the Son of Man will be in His day. 25 But first He MUST SUFFER MANY THINGS and BE REJECTED by this generation.

    Now Nettie, I humbly ask you to consider the following. I am NOT judging you, but asking you to consider what you wrote in the context of God’s word.

    You wrote, “We did wrong. We let our leaders do wrong. (This is the point I was making to my mom – who are we SUPPOSED to put first? NOT men.). But, they are doing far, far WORSE to us.”

    Now, is the phenomenon you wrote about not described in this verse below, as well as various teachings of Jesus?

    Proverbs 6:30-31
    30 People do not despise a thief
    If he steals to satisfy himself when he is starving.
    31 Yet when he is found, HE MUST RESTORE SEVENFOLD;
    He MAY have to GIVE UP ALL the substance of his house.

    So, before I finish this, and GO TO BED (!!), I want you to pray about what I’ve written, and what He is trying to tell you. In the Bible, silver is …….., and to be SILVER, we too must be ………..

    How does the thief “restore” ???

    Take care, Nettie!!! I’ll read and write more soon.

    Your friend,

  22. Tim

    Hi Nettie,

    I hope this goes through also. I’ve posted twice without an update also.

    I’ve got SO MUCH more for you, so please email me at:

    Make the email short so that we can be sure everything is good with the address.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  23. Nettie

    I have emailed you on the 16th. Hope you received it?

    In the meantime, I’m going to reply partially here.

    I know about refinement. I understand that. I know about the sin 7x, or sevenfold. And even the multiplication of sin passed through every generation. 7x for Cain, 7x 70 for Lamech, his descendant.

    But I feel you are missing my point. Let me try from a different angle. I’m going to be brutally honest and graphic here.

    Apartheid lasted 40 years under White Afrikaner rule in my country (English was responsible 50 years before that).
    Please, take note of all numbers I give you.

    LESS than 1000 black people was killed by white people during that 40 years.
    The past 25 years under black rule, MORE than 170 000 white people have been murdered by blacks.

    Thats not 7-fold.

    Most blacks were killed quickly (still horrible and very wrong, but better than what we got). Most of the 170000 whites are first raped, cut to pieces, urinated on, defecated on, forced to watch the rapes and burning of their children, or elderly parents. Sometimes they cut the eyelids of men so that they can’t close it. We have a cleaning crew, called the Bloodsisters, that goes in after such a crime. They had to wash the skin of children from walls and baths. They had to scrape the human remains from surfaces. Babies. Elderly 80-year old helpless victims. Children of 5 years old. Innocent, but capable of feeling every emotional moment of physical torture. Forced to watch their parents being gangraped. The horros are beyond comprehension. Do you get what is being done to us, daily?

    Its NOT 7-fold. Its not even 7x7x7 fold. Its more awful than any story you’ve ever see. And its always white victims, and always black criminals. The blacks murder blacks to0. But we have an exceptionally low rate of murder by a white ciminal. It happens maybe once a year, and for 6 months it will be media headlines. While the DAILY killing of black on white crime is supposedly “normal” and NOT reported.

    And it IS based on race and religion. Many times, the perpetrators would take the Bibles afterwards and leave it open on the bodies. Or write slogans with the victims’s blood, like “whites must die”, etc.

    Do you get the horror we live? Please don’t say “we deserve it” for Apartheid. Look at what I tell you Apartheid was and was not. It was ONLY segregation of cities and living. We did NOT steal, and we did NOT murder them. We only wanted to live apart. Precisely for this reason. Because they are pagans, and a group of them kill easily. And we are Christians and do NOT kill easily.

    Now, compare what MY people have done, with for example UK and USA. We NEVER started a war. USA and UK regularly start wars.

    We NEVER went into a country and killed the inhabitants to take the lands. Both UK (in Australia) and USA have done that. And Germany did it in Namibia.

    We have had THE SAME racist laws that the USA had. Nothing more. Just for longer. USA had them TOO. Were YOU punished by what we are experiencing?

    We never went into a country, like the UK and stole their wealth and minerals, or like the USA now go in and steal oil.

    We never had such widespread slavery as the UK and the USA. Most slavery done here, was by the English people, not us Afrikaners.

    We still are more Believing than the USA and UK. We are overwhelmed now too, by pornography, etc. from the USA. But during Apartheid, our laws were NO pornography, NO vileness, NO lewdness. High morals. It was LAW in our country until 1994. Even most USA tv shows and movies were blocked from airing in our country until 1994. We still to this day, wait for marriage before practising sex. We do not condone gay or gay marriages. Its ONLY become a problem the past 5 years, and under the black government, and now that our churches has adopted their pagan ways. EXACTLY why the Bible says – live separately, what Apartheid was trying to force by law. To not mix pagans and Christians into one pot and expect Christians to keep to God’s laws,

    So tell me. Why is it that WE are constantly forced to give away our country to people who did NOT live here before us? First the UK, and now the ANC Zulu and Xhosas? While the USA and UK and Australia and Canada and New Zealand have been blessed and living free, safe and secure (mostly) in their countries?

    Why are we punished for things we did NOT do? Why are we punished SO harshly, for the little we did, while the rest of Europe and USA, are punished almost nothing, for the MUCH more that they have done?

    Think about it all. Really think about it. God is a God of fairness. How does this compute?

    God answered our prayers on this, by showing us for more than 100 years now, that we are VERY special. But we don’t know why exactly, or the why. But apparently, the world will very soon find out why Satan attacked and persecuted us so mercilessly for 200 years now. And why we had to suffer SO much for 200 years. And why God allowed it.

    And without ANY other white nation ever formally helping us. Quite the opposite, over and over all stand with the UK to steal from us. Or force us to be quiet on what is being done to us. Even when Trump tried a few years ago, he was QUICKLY silenced, and everyone believed our president’s lie that no white farmer are killed here.

    Anyway, sorry to be so blunt. We are just exceptionally tired of the generations of suffering and it never stops. Except for the brief respite we had under the 40 years of Apartheid.

    And to this day, EVERYONE, even Christians, are using THAT respite to bang us over the head with. And declare that its because Apartheid was sin, and we are being punished for it.

    We can’t anymore. We are DOWN. Done with. Phsychological, my people are falling away like flies now. If God don’t step in soon, we will either all be killed by the genocide they are calling out loud for now, or we will all become pagan. It breaks my heart to see it happening either way. We have been given warnings through prophets that the genocide will happen. And the timing is dependant on the signs in the USA. Which is why the timing is SO important to my people, and on this site, prophets treat it like nothing. Which angers me, as we have suffered enough.

  24. Tim


    I was a bit concerned that I had upset you. My email worked for 3 days, and was either hacked, corrupted or something. Like my previous free email they want me to give them my phone number – I was reluctant to do so, but now that you have written me back I will try it again. Not promising anything though, because only 3 days of use was crazy!

    I haven’t read everything yet. If I could, I’d give YOU a BIG hug, but for now a long distance hug will have to do. 😀 I do not say “you deserve it”, nor do I say this to anyone. I simply cited His words which I felt inspired to write. Remember that God is in control of ALL things – consider what He allowed to happen to His son, Jesus – HE was totally innocent, and CERTAINLY “did not deserve” what happened to Him. Did Jesus not tell us that His faithful would have to follow in His path? Please don’t think I would “wish” this upon you, or ANYONE!! JESUS did not “wish” this upon anyone either, but KNEW these things would come – YOUR situation also!! But, consider WHY JESUS SAID what He did. This “why” is directly related to the “difficult to understand” verses of my earlier notes to you, Nettie.

    Let me finish reading, and I’ll write again soon.

    Your friend,

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