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Schools Shutdown By Winter – Desianna


Schools Shutdown By Winter

July 22, 2020 8:18 PM

I dreamed of an elementary school. The teachers were lazy. The teachers wore masks over their mouth and not there nose. The younger children were like little sheep with no Shepard. It was difficult for the teachers to get the youngest to follow the rules of washing their hands and using hand sanitizers. Many of the youngest children take off there masks or simply lose them.

The month was August somehow I knew. The teachers staff room is not sanitary. The youngest kids touch each other and cough often. It pained me but I knew this was a brewery of an annihilation. The youngest were just touching their faces as well as the teachers. Masks on and off, snack time completely disorganized. GERM CITY! I’m 34 I have no kids.

Now the high-schools was pure rebellion. The teens didn’t feel it was necessary. The teens don’t take it seriously until their friends are sick or die. Now the youngest it is a lie and a great deception that they are unlikely to get this virus. THE VIRUS DESCRIMINATES against no age!!!! The youngest will contaminate their homes before showing symptoms. So they effect the household family. In my dream the diease effected the youngest with sores similar to leprosy. The schools eventually shut down by winter.

From university, college, elementary and preschool but by then the sickness and deathtoll will be so high something should have been done sooner.

I’m not trying to scare you. I work for a hospital and I see patients and doctors not wearing masks appropriately. If I were a parent I would start home school.

My suggestion HOME SCHOOL
penn foster,
online universities that are accredited.

Exdous 2, Exdous11, 12:29, Matthew 2:16,


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  1. Carla

    Most schools are allowing you to stay home and do remote learning or go to school a few days out the week . They’re leaving it up to the parents . Do you think remote learning is good enough or just take them out the school system all together and go home school ?

  2. Daniel Noah

    Online Universities? Are you serious? The future? This virus was man made/induced …THEY ARE NOT DONE! Do you understand, The Powers That Be have orchestrated this whole disease state we are trapped in.

    Do you understand the ramifications of forced vaccines in several months? Going cashless? Walmart is limiting most registers to ‘cards’ only as a beta test to eliminate cash purchases. Cash spreads the virus…do you believe the coin shortage lie? Maybe you should read others posts, unless you think yours are all that matters…Jesus is about to pull out His own. The cities and suburbs are going down first. Something should have been done sooner? By whom? You’re on your own…the AMA-FDA-CDC are all lying death dealers…brainwashed robots trapped in the Matrix… Prepare to meet thy God.

    The medical hierarchy, is now controlled by demoni$ed men. They falsified HQ-Zinc protocol efficacy, in order to make the hospitals use the antiviral Remdesivir at 500 dollars a day for 5 days. Whereas, Hydroxcloroquine and zinc sulfate cost about 2 dollars a day TOGETHER! Fauci is perfectly po$$e$$ed…or rather, he feels that he is illumined….and would laugh in your face. Take it from someone who has been involved with a half dozen exorcisms.

    These men will allow thousands to die, by excluding nutritional protocols/coupled with HQ and Zinc, which stop CoVid 19 deader than a hammer… iv’s vit ‘c’ 100,000 mg a day for a week. See Thomas Levy MD JD. Also oral S-Acetylglutathione 200-600 mg a day. The New York Post even had the benefits of glututhione on it’s front page about 3 month’s ago… a woman was saved by her intern son who took the advice of Dr. Richard Horowitz of Hyde Park N.Y., to take 2,000mg glututhione a day for 5 days…which worked. It could get a little dicy this September, as people start dying in 24 hrs. in their backyards and driveways. Covid 19 has been weaponized…again… this time,death in 24/48 hrs. Covid 19 did not ‘escape’ from a lab, it was sprayed on people at the fish market in Wuhan, China Jesus is the only sure thing.

  3. KDM

    I can believe it. Homeschool would be much better and parents teleworking if possible. Darker days are ahead… God still Reigns🙌🏽

  4. White bird

    Elizabeth Marie has a homeschooling forum for parents interested. It’d be worth the hassle, knowing your kids are safe. I know it’s not an easy choice for many. https://latterrain333.wixsite.com/lifeline/homeschooling-forum

  5. Sally

    Daniel Noah: You are absolutely correct, spot on. We have no future, everything you’ve written is so prophetic. I truly do not think the average Christian/American citizen “gets it.” This is it. The coming forced vaccinations coming in a few months are it. I just got a report yesterday that on September 1, an asteroid is scheduled to make her appearance and come between us and the moon. Google it if you don’t believe me. Not only is she coming alone, she’s got a family of kids, grandparents and cousins following her. Google it people, please. She’s screaming in at 18,000 mph, is approx. 150 feet across and will be just 46,000 miles away. That is painfully close. Earth’s path and her path will cross. Talk about a close shave. NASA knows all about her. No one has written of this and it is just my own personal opinion, but I believe the end of August, we will start feeling the effects of this asteroid with gravitational pull. Seas roaring, animals going nuts just like they do prior to an earthquake, Yellowstone blowing her cork. The media has us focusing on the dopey virus and being forced to wear those ridiculous muzzles. Research “September 1 asteroid.” Parents, don’t concern yourself about your kids school, just keep those children close to your heart and have them recite/memorize Scripture, that’s the best “homeschooling” you can give them. Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.

  6. Sally

    The site to go to about the asteroid is: “Earth Changes Channel” on You Tube.

    Hope you all find it helpful.

  7. I

    Daniel Noah; True.

  8. Greg

    Out of 336 million people in the USA only around 18 million in the second wave of the virus will die from this. Knowing how so many Americans are so unhealthy that is not very many deaths at all.

  9. Do not minimize even one death. Each one represents someone who died and will be with the Lord forever, or will be eternally separated from Him.

  10. Desianna

    The hour is upon us. Matthew 24, Mark 13, Revelation 18:2, 1 Thessalonians 4, 1 Corinthians 15, Daniel 2, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus is the way. Acts 2 17 Joel 2:28, 1 Corinthians 4….. shalom brothers and sisters. Take everything to Jesus in prayer we do not know the day nor hour only the father certainly not NASA. I simply shared a dream. Shalom to you all. We don’t know what we will see as the end draws near. shadrach meshach and abednego went in a fire. Let us all read our bibles and pray. Be at peace.

  11. SarahR

    Desi, you are right that little kids are unsanitary and are not vigilant over things like this. I have small children. I also have a child in school. I have seen it all. Eating off the floor, licking each other’s faces, soiling themselves and then not washing after wards, fingers in mouths. Kindergartens are germ factories. In school, kids don’t pay attention to rules the same way as adults. Adults are conditioned to obey. Kids, especially small ones, don’t. In your dream, the lazy teachers could also just give up. What is the point anyways if you can’t keep the kids from mucking around? That’s what kids do. M
    child’s teacher told us that they can’t do social distancing in the classroom. I don’t care. I call shenanigans on the whole thing, but I keep my distance to keep the peace. It does have an impact on whether you can talk to others about God because you are so far away. Last year, the Lord told me that most of the people I was seeing on school grounds as I was picking my child up, that most of them would perish. I was looking at the children and their parents.

    It was grievous. I don’t know what I should do. Except the only reason He tells me is so that I can tell them. Should I stand on the step and make proclamations? I was in prayer and He said every day multitudes of people die. Most of them are lost forever. They fall into a deep pit. He is concerned about every person. There is no such thing as a person He does not love and desire to come to Him. So when we think we are doing nothing and compare ourselves to big evangelists with mega ministries, not sure that is necessarily how *He* sees it. I think He loves us all individually as if we were the only ones He created. So, every soul lost is grief. He doesn’t see us as numbers or one of billions. But one of one on every person.

  12. Marc

    Desi………. sister in Christ, you are right, people who have children, should start home schooling now….not later.
    Because as the 2nd stage building now…. hits, eventually mandatory vaccines will be pushed with those not accepting them, the targets for cps… enforcement against their children…for there safely…with removal.
    Last week a woman who tested positive for covid19, with no signs of sickness, had her child taken out, in California…put in foster care, you know what that means.
    You parents say, but I have to work, ok, what about downsizing bills, to protect your child, from removal?????
    Amen Christ Jesus

  13. Sarah. Sou da mesma opinião.
    Contudo, uma outra informação que me parece relevante. O Virus que viste com as manchas vermelhas no corpo , eu também o vi, na minha visão, por duas vezes e cheguei à mesma conclusão que Desianna, é lepra.
    Incluindo vi na visão que Deus me deu o bichinho. aquelas minhocas compridas parecidas com e.coli. Confirma-se é essa doença.
    Coloquem os vossos filhos em ensino doméstico.

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