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Schools Shutdown By Winter – Desianna


Schools Shutdown By Winter

July 22, 2020 8:18 PM

I dreamed of an elementary school. The teachers were lazy. The teachers wore masks over their mouth and not there nose. The younger children were like little sheep with no Shepard. It was difficult for the teachers to get the youngest to follow the rules of washing their hands and using hand sanitizers. Many of the youngest children take off there masks or simply lose them.

The month was August somehow I knew. The teachers staff room is not sanitary. The youngest kids touch each other and cough often. It pained me but I knew this was a brewery of an annihilation. The youngest were just touching their faces as well as the teachers. Masks on and off, snack time completely disorganized. GERM CITY! I’m 34 I have no kids.

Now the high-schools was pure rebellion. The teens didn’t feel it was necessary. The teens don’t take it seriously until their friends are sick or die. Now the youngest it is a lie and a great deception that they are unlikely to get this virus. THE VIRUS DESCRIMINATES against no age!!!! The youngest will contaminate their homes before showing symptoms. So they effect the household family. In my dream the diease effected the youngest with sores similar to leprosy. The schools eventually shut down by winter.

From university, college, elementary and preschool but by then the sickness and deathtoll will be so high something should have been done sooner.

I’m not trying to scare you. I work for a hospital and I see patients and doctors not wearing masks appropriately. If I were a parent I would start home school.

My suggestion HOME SCHOOL
penn foster,
online universities that are accredited.

Exdous 2, Exdous11, 12:29, Matthew 2:16,



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