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Russians In My Backyard – Anonymous


Russians In My Backyard

April 18, 2021 11:30 AM

I had a dream about 4 years ago. I realized early on what it meant but feel it’s important to share at this time

In my dream two really high tech planes crashed in my back property as I saw them crashing part of me wondered if they were like space crafts. I had a knowing they were Russian and the survivors were going to come to my house. I was frantic with fear. My first thought was hide under the bed! And then I thought no everyone hides under the bed. Get in the closet! My heart was pounding and I woke up.

The interpretation is… There will be Russians in our back yard and the only safe place, will be in the closet. The prayer closet. Just an encouragement to press into Jesus spend as much time as you can in prayer that is the only safe place.


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