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Russians In My Backyard – Anonymous

Ka-52 Alligator / Ka-52K Katran Attack Helicopter

Photo Credit: Vladislav Perminov @flickr

Russians In My Backyard

April 21, 2021 12:05 PM

I had a dream Monday night that I was at my childhood home with my family. However, it was my 2021 family not my childhood family. We were looking out a large sliding glass door and saw a helicopter coming towards us with four ropes hanging from it. Tied to each of the ropes was a corner of a large faded orange tarp. The helicopter set the tarp down gently as a man untied the ropes. After he untied the ropes the helicopter landed and while it was still running a man jumped out and started quickly organizing all the supplies that was in the tarp. At the same time this was happening another helicopter carrying the same type of tarp landed in the far right corner of my backyard. A third helicopter with the same set up landed in the far left corner of my backyard. While I was watching this with my eight-year-old son I quickly told him to go and get his father. As he was gone, I looked at the man that was organizing the supplies. He had a uniform on and a bald head, I specifically remember the baldhead for some reason. He looked over at me and I looked at him and without any other evidence besides the baldhead I knew that he was a Russian. I remember thinking to myself, the Russians are invading, those soldiers are Russians and those are Russian choppers. While I was still waiting for my son to return with my husband, I saw another helicopter flying overhead but this time on it’s four ropes was a military jeep. It flew over my house and over a mountain as if to land in some other area. I woke up at this point.

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