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Russian missles attack on Bay City, MI – Alexander Black

Alexander  Black

forgive me for not English write

However truth is many years always same dream but different story  is nuclear attack on U.S.A, what i saw is it was target city of each city but not sure of all city was target however vision start warn in 2014 till 2019 each not same vision but same title nuclear attack our home is nation.

I am tell ya each time still warns me in vision is exploded up front of me even  not front of me seem both of warns, which seem i have a choice a path,it was i  is ignored warns and went to city saw exploded front of i in few mile away even  too other warns outside too hot and saw few rocket seem Russian’s stuff been use not know what it show hit or not it stop vision,other vision before i move near bay lake  of Michigan is bay city Michigan i am not realized will live there but in 2018 vision show
that outside too hot i went inside boat show and dealership to sell sailboat i was jump in  boat door was open outside was too hot air blow to me i said wow that hot outside i woke up and decide move to baycity in reason without choice to live in,other vision show flood  too i said great wrong spot to live i bought this house for $10,000 cheaper and reason than  live in apartment because i am get low income and warns said coming bad for me no choice to have live in baycity..i pray to GOD find me better plan for coming of destruction act also other impact .. please Help pray to GOD given me new path to cut those wrong path    that vision warn that will happen this area and other area.amen

however trying understand dream & vision that show same but different story but same story
those tell you more clearly than last vision & dream once you near end you will open mind and
understand whole once! if you ability remember dream & vision keep mind your own till you
are clearly catch messager from GOD and or ANGEL that give you vision or Dream they are real deal no matter if you in different place that you think possible be there are you sure? one day you forgot your dream & vision reason is are reason till you there and pass it then you realizd are you just past as dream & vision? but look closer to it and both same spot but something missing umm yeah not always do, because something try tell u in warns…try put puzzle together..and around us, problem is fake news cause us cannot solves puzzle. that how damaged and mislead us by fake need think harder to track ur all history dream & vision ….try clear up what list God warn you that those against you!! and your life that God is try savior you!!!!!!!!!!!!! he love you  all… that how he savior Christ. don’t be fool ,don’t test God , love you all…

from:deaf guy
Alexander Black

please think! see what or where/caused and effect around you that dream & vision warn
you about it. if you hard way and changed fast your dream changed . must break out of path do it if you want  reason bad path and do it…and tell me how new path and dream & vision?? huh?? peace out… i am trying best
write to all…..

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