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Russia and China Invade When USA Is In Internal War and At Her Weakest – Monique Bizet

Prophetic Vision: Russia and China Invade When USA Is In Internal War and At Her Weakest

Dec 14, 2019 8:58 PM
Monique Bizet


Prophetic Vision: Russia and China Invade When USA Is In Internal War and At Her Weakest


(I share a vision the Lord gave me on Nov 29, 2019 about Russia and China nuclear attacks, another vision given Dec 13, 2017 and one given Aug 2014… about Invasions of Russia and China on the Nation. Civil War, persecution, martial law, and much destruction coming. This visions are a call to wake up as the body of Christ and to intercede for mercy. A wake up call to get serious about the Lord Jesus Christ and get saved!)

In this vision I was asleep but I could see myself. I was laying on a bed and suddenly in the vision, the Lord woke me up saying WAKE UP, WAKE UP! With great urgency.

I saw myself sitting up on the bed, and the Lord said: turn to the right, and there was a white board on the wall. On the white board were written two words in red. On the left it said RUSSIA and it was circled in red, and on the right it said USA and circled as well.

The Lord started to speak to me and said: Russia and China will invade the USA when she is at her weakest. When she is at her weakest Russia and China will invade the nation.

The nation will be destroyed. I got the impression in my heart that the nation will be going thru turmoil, that even though we think it’s peace and safety now, there is turmoil, division, civil war that will come bringing us to a weak point; and from the outside invasion will come. We are already seeing much division and warfare in the nation.

The thing that got my attention is His urgency in letting us know so that we may prepare our hearts, so we get right with the Lord and get our houses in order. There is great need to pray and intercede for mercy for this nation. To intercede for those that are lost, for those that are not awake, those that are mocking and scoffing and are not listening to the warnings of the Lord.

His urgency was also for the body of Christ to wake up! To realize that there are a lot of things that are coming, that persecution is coming and the gospel that is not being preached from the pulpits. The Lord is trying to get His people ready, to warn us and to pay attention to Him and to intercede like never before for this nation. For the body of Christ to arise as His mighty warriors and to get in His word and seek the Lord with all of our hearts.

I bless you brothers and sisters

May the Lord bless you and cover you in His blood.

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