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Running from RFID – Immanuel Acree

Running from RFID

7/30/19 8:08 AM
Immanuel Acree

I was using a bus at work for a security job assignment at a corporation campus. The site was secretive, quiet, discreet, sparsely populated. I was surprised that it was even there in a familiar everyday location.

I had to run away from my job site though because society was in danger! Somebody was there too, looking for me to snatch me up. I escaped the site by throwing off my trail somehow and made them look the other way. They didn’t know I left when I did. But they were just too fast for me. They were also smart and somehow there was just no realistic way to evade them. They were able to catch me no matter what. Even though I had cleared the site, avoided the guy trying to nab me, and made it into some side neighborhood avenue, they still outran me and grabbed me in the street. I was shocked — nobody could ever run that fast, but he did. Strangely I never saw their faces or had a sense of who they really were.

I think a van showed up. That is when they wanted to stick a syringe into my hand at the meaty webbing between the thumb and index finger. I kept telling them off and resisting before I awoke.

This dream makes no natural sense coming now. I haven’t been to a hospital or clinic in years. I haven’t been looking at anything of the sort in any way for a long time. The end of this dream strikes me as a warning that the campaign to physically bug everyone by force is soon to take place. They want to chip us all with RFID and there is no escape except through the power of Jesus Christ.


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