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May 17, 2020
The Pen

PRIDE: Intolerant – Ambitious – Vain – Boastful – Disdainful – Self-Centered – Stubborn – Brooding Over Offenses – Conceited – Haughty – Touchy – Wanting No Advise

COVETOUSNESS: Deceitful – Stingy – Lacking In Generosity – Hoarding – Secretive – Ungracious Even When Doing A Favor – Seeking Security Only In Things Of This World

ANGER: Aversion – Making Onself Indignant – Rage – Fierce Silence – Vindictive – Impatient – Nice To One That Others May Feel Out

ENVY: Makes One Hateful – Whiserings – Detraction – Backbiting – Joy At Others’ Sorrows – Spiteful – Bored When Others Praised

SLOTH: Makes One Lazy – Tardy – Distaste For Life – Discouragement – Inconstant – Moody – Gloomy – Dull To Exhortation

GLUTTONY: Think & Talk Food – Complaining About Plain Food – Belting Food – Neglecting Others At Table – Immoderation In Wine, Beer & Liquor – Loudness – Boisterous

LUST: Curiosity About Sex – Over Familiarity – Carelessness In Reading – Not Controlling Imagination – Comfort Seeking – Not Open To Spiritual Guidance – Not Using – Necessary Means To Control The Flesh


PRIDE: True View Of My Dependence Upon God – Preferring Others To Myself – SeekingTo Serve Others Habitually – Openness To All – Purity Of Intention –Using My Gifts With Simplicity

COVETOUSNESS: Cultivate Simple Tastes – Avoid Superfluities – Desire To Imitate The Poverty Of Christ – Seeking The Kingdom Of God First – Giving Others The Better Part Habitually – Sharing What I Have With Others

ANGER: Keep Christ Crucified Habitually In Mind- Do Little Acts Of Charity For Those Who Annoy You – Live In God’s Presence – Keep Quiet When Annoyed

SLOTH: Faithful To Your Prayer Life – Keep A Schedule – Do Immediately What You Tend To Put Off – Think Of Eternity Constantly – Do Little Acts Of Self-Discipline

ENVY: Thank God For Other’s Gifts – Pray For One You Envy – Speak Well Of The One You Envy – Think Of Eternal Life

GLUTTONY: Decide How Much To Take Ahead Of Time And Stick To It – Eat Or Drink In God’s Presence – Deny Yourself Some Little Thing At Each Meal

LUST: Develop Personal Love Of Our Lord – Fly From Occasions – Be Hard On Your Body – Keep Busy – Live For Others


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  1. Eyes Open

    Very good advice. Thank you!

  2. Deborah

    Awesome Blessing ~ Thank You Friend

  3. Anne

    THIS is life-changing for me. As soon as I read through, one root sin stuck out to me. I KNEW. And now I am getting set to confess it to God, and take those helpful steps described to repent and be free. Thank you so much.

  4. wmamp3

    The Pen, can you please expound on what you mean by “Be Hard On Your Body?”

  5. The Pen

    To WMAMP3 when your body rules like hunger, hot/cold, desires for comfort, sex, let it not rule you but like the saints of old rule it…do not give in to all its desires for it has a mind of its own, habits of its own and wants to lead you as in Scripture” re “the world, the FLESH & the devil away from God…harness your body was a n old saying!

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