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May 17, 2020
The Pen

PRIDE: Intolerant – Ambitious – Vain – Boastful – Disdainful – Self-Centered – Stubborn – Brooding Over Offenses – Conceited – Haughty – Touchy – Wanting No Advise

COVETOUSNESS: Deceitful – Stingy – Lacking In Generosity – Hoarding – Secretive – Ungracious Even When Doing A Favor – Seeking Security Only In Things Of This World

ANGER: Aversion – Making Onself Indignant – Rage – Fierce Silence – Vindictive – Impatient – Nice To One That Others May Feel Out

ENVY: Makes One Hateful – Whiserings – Detraction – Backbiting – Joy At Others’ Sorrows – Spiteful – Bored When Others Praised

SLOTH: Makes One Lazy – Tardy – Distaste For Life – Discouragement – Inconstant – Moody – Gloomy – Dull To Exhortation

GLUTTONY: Think & Talk Food – Complaining About Plain Food – Belting Food – Neglecting Others At Table – Immoderation In Wine, Beer & Liquor – Loudness – Boisterous

LUST: Curiosity About Sex – Over Familiarity – Carelessness In Reading – Not Controlling Imagination – Comfort Seeking – Not Open To Spiritual Guidance – Not Using – Necessary Means To Control The Flesh


PRIDE: True View Of My Dependence Upon God – Preferring Others To Myself – SeekingTo Serve Others Habitually – Openness To All – Purity Of Intention –Using My Gifts With Simplicity

COVETOUSNESS: Cultivate Simple Tastes – Avoid Superfluities – Desire To Imitate The Poverty Of Christ – Seeking The Kingdom Of God First – Giving Others The Better Part Habitually – Sharing What I Have With Others

ANGER: Keep Christ Crucified Habitually In Mind- Do Little Acts Of Charity For Those Who Annoy You – Live In God’s Presence – Keep Quiet When Annoyed

SLOTH: Faithful To Your Prayer Life – Keep A Schedule – Do Immediately What You Tend To Put Off – Think Of Eternity Constantly – Do Little Acts Of Self-Discipline

ENVY: Thank God For Other’s Gifts – Pray For One You Envy – Speak Well Of The One You Envy – Think Of Eternal Life

GLUTTONY: Decide How Much To Take Ahead Of Time And Stick To It – Eat Or Drink In God’s Presence – Deny Yourself Some Little Thing At Each Meal

LUST: Develop Personal Love Of Our Lord – Fly From Occasions – Be Hard On Your Body – Keep Busy – Live For Others

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