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Rooster Crows – Angela


Rooster Crows

January 8, 2022 7:34 PM

Good Evening Saints: This week the spiritual warfare has been seriously intense. Has it not? Having put on the full armor of God prior to writing this post, I am reminded we need to be aggressive in quashing our enemy. We can do this by recognizing any false truths, while knowing we have victory in Christ!

Satan and his demons wants to wear us out, by attacking while we are sleeping, with sickness, or in false thoughts, but through our authority in Christ we can be sure Satan and his clan are losing by praying the BLOOD of Jesus.

This week has been seriously grave with many friends and family in serious health emergencies. While praying, I heard a rooster crow, and it startled me, and I heard it a second time and that’s when I remembered what Jesus said to Peter, “Before the rooster crows twice you yourself will disown me three times.” (MARK 14:30)

Saints, we must remain in full force until our Savior Returns. Each day applying the doctrine of Christ by emptying yourselves of anything that does not strengthen your spiritual life. Jesus did not suffer in vain. It is easy to get caught up in ourselves and situations making us stumble in our flesh.

Lord, please give us grace to keep from denying thee.

This Word was given to me November 27th. I thought this was for my family, but today the Father has asked me to share as his word applies to many of you.

Saints, we are coming into a season of much sorrow. We must continue to seek the Father in Praise & Worship. It’s the only way our aching hearts will endure the days to come.

Dear One, the famine and death is here. Only those protected by Me will endure the coming days. Remember, in my word it says, A prophet shall the lord your God raise up, (Acts 3:22) the prophet will be visited in the wilderness.

She will know Me by My Light and that the word of the Lord will be exactly what she will need to enter the courts she is about to enter. The court will not be of Me, but of the wicked. Her coat is RED and seen by all. Her collar will be broken and she shall be free of the demonic chains girding her for 32 years or more. Those children she boar will also be free. This is happening expeditiously!
No fire will rain down of them
Nor wrath shall touch their feet.
Their hands have been tied and I have Freed them of this as well.
All lies are now revealed and only truth shall be spoken.
My prophet will be exalted and reign in my court says I AM.
Those shooting arrows will be struct down by My Power.
No darkness shall enter Her Gates
Only LIGHT of my Son & My Spirit
My Spirit shall be your Guide at this time
WAIT for my voice
DO NOT move or enter any court without my army of angels to protect you.
The PIT has opened
All seals have been broken and crushed

YOU ARE FREE, my little lambs
You are my children, BELIEVE I AM yours and you are mine.
The TRACKER cannot be stopped
But I AM stopped all demonic for those truly seeking ME.
The plague is real for those in SIN.
Many are falling now like flies
The Net has been cast.

Your speech is my speech and direct and without condemnation
Your will must be MY WILL
So your spirit will receive My word & MY instructions

Be quiet
Be discreet
Be not fooled
The roaring lion is not of my court

The lion is about to be struck
Be patient
Be warned
Do not turn back like Lot’s wife

You are now in my kingdom
Everlasting LOVE
You are FREE, Free at last!

Love I AM, Your Redeemer, Your King of the Most High


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