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Rolling through Roswell – Mike M.

Rolling through Roswell

July 13, 2019
Mike M.

This is a very awkward waking vision to share. I really do not want to, but I know that I know I need to. I have to detach from the outcome and shout from the mountaintops what I have been told in secret.

As I was preparing for my mission trip to Roswell, NM I got a vision one day, a waking vision. It happened while I was doing the preparation and packing to leave on the trip. It was a hectic time with travel cancellations, re-booking and all the normal stress that comes from taking it on the road. A bit rusty but I pulled it together with a little help from my friends.

Out of the blue I had a vision of tanks rolling down Main street in Roswell, NM. Now I know that the city looks like very well from google earth, as I had studied the city this way. So, the vision was very real to me. I could hear the sounds, smell the smells of troops rolling through-the diesel, the dust being kicked up, the sound of the tank engines…all of it.

The vision was short and not sure so sweet. But in that short vision, a lot was translated to me. These tanks would pass through Roswell is the vibe I got. Not sure if they would stay. And I did not see the troops go into any of the neighborhoods that are behind main street on each side. I could see their gaze was fixed ahead a long ways. Where were they headed? I don’t know. But I did get a sense they would command the area, even if it is only temporary. Securing the area comes to mind as a phrase. Maybe they had bigger fish to fry north of the area? Maybe they would be to support a main fight happening North, as depicted in the word from Chuck Youngbrandt.

I really did not know what to make of this vision. I knew it was from God because of how it dropped in out of nowhere and was very plain to me with knowledge attached to it. I quickly put it out of my mind as I had so much to do for the travelling. Then the next day, the vision still fresh in my mind’s eye, I caught a word given to a Woman in Las Cruces, NM back in about 2012. She had seen southern New Mexico overtaken by troops. This amazed me! This was immediate confirmation of what I had seen. And they were Mexican and Chinese troops, too! Which agrees with the word given to Chuck Youngbrandt about the same. See Chuck Youngbrandt on youtube for the entire prophetic presentation. It’s over two hours long and you won’t be the same afterward.

But I promise you will feel peace because Chuck was anointed by God as a prophet. Ephesians 4:11. “New Living Translation

Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers.” He went home to be with the Lord in 2018.

Matthew 24:7 “Nation will go to war against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world.”.

It is written. And it is a matter of time before these things come to pass. They will come, just as it said, and just as things are unfolding already that were written. The important thing is to keep oil in our lamps-to stay close to him, close to love. Let us allow the spirit that is holy-from a holy and perfectly just God to reign in our hearts as we invite him in daily to lead and guide us, to fill us, to forgive us our wrongs.

No matter what may befall us as we march forward into the end days, we don’t have to do it alone. He promises never to leave us. To in NO way leave us. We must crack open his words given to us in the Holy Bible. He is alive and he will fill our hearts and keep our minds peaceful if we abide in him until he comes. One day at at time. One event at at time. Always turning to him for the answers, the strength, the forgiveness: he is the source of all life and he is the very essence of love in practice and proof. Feelings aside, we can count on him. He does not change, nor is he shifty or deceptive. He name speaks peace to me. Perfect peace. Not as the world gives. If you don’t know him today, ask him into your heart, to forgive you of wrong-doings, to save you from separation from him. He saves from these sins. Commit your life to him and you won’t be sorry. I know I have not been. He will make you new-daily- with the promise of eternal life to those who endure to the end. Salvation by faith in Christ Jesus by faith in his perfect sacrifice on our behalf.



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