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RIGHT NOW – JeBryan J.


JULY 16, 2020 9:04 AM
JeBryan J.

[Just in some prayer and heard]:

“Just as every valley was filled and every mountain was made low in the preparation for My Son to come- so is Satan doing the same RIGHT NOW for his son of Perdition to take the world stage. As the toppling of America begins, the rest of the world will follow suit- Yea already is. The overthrowing of lawfulness, the toppling of statues, wild fire of racial division, political frothing, and great sweeping civil and societal reform. This is happening now and will continue to grow and grow beyond anyone’s governmental control or ability.

My son Donald Trump is the last bastion of reason to hold back the tide that will soon cover the earth. People hate him because he will not bend but I have raised him up because HE MUST NOT BEND in this moment of history to give all mankind as a gift ONE MORE BREATH and hour of grace.

Civil unrest will spread like wildfire in every country, war will be EVERYWHERE. Civil war will be everywhere. No one will have answers, Nationalism will be virtually destroyed and viewed as a cancer in every corner of the earth. THIS is Satan’s plan to make the souls of men and women of earth ready for the Beast… He is sowing the vehement seeds of hate to create chaos, division, confusion and hopeless that will cause people to desperately crave the “false peace” the Beast will bring.

Hang on now- there is MUCH still to be done. I Am and HAVE prepared you all for the fight that is ahead of you. You are RIGHT NOW in the last calm before the storm…”

JeBryan J.


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