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Revelation of sorrow buried in America. I shall resurrect it – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

November 22, 2018

My faithful, longing doves, my beloved children, my friends how I love you. How you please me, comfort and soothe my wounds, the wounds in which I have received in the house of my friends. My heart is pierced and I mourn. I have loved you with an everlasting love, yea with loving kindness have I drawn thee. Engraved in the palm of my hand I hold you secure, nestled in my heart you reside. I have warned and warned to turn around and warn again. Such is my love and mercy. I have called all men unto me. I will no man to perish but to repent…cry out to me..look unto me and be saved all the ends of the earth; for I AM God and there is none else. I have stretched forth my hands in love, want and acceptance long before they were pierced by the nails upon the cross and hands remain stayed in love..want and acceptance. I have appeared to men as a pauper king, a beggar of love. A man of sorrows acquainted with deep grief. My tears have fallen like rain to quinch the thirst of my flock and enter the barren places to resurrect that in which lay dry, barren and lifeless. My breath blows across the earth with my whisper of love and cry of life. Many have rejected and forasken me so, enamored and ensnared by the world. Caught up in the beast system. The ways of man do many blindly follow. yet through my tears I cry out, return to me. I await thee. I have been rejected. I desire all men know TRUTH. I AM TRUTH. America grieves me to my core and has provoked me to wrath. There is a revelation of sorrow buried in America. I shall resurrect it and reveal to all men myself. A sadness, a gross darkness blankets America. The coldness of mens hearts is reflected in the chill of the air. Oh mankind the end of all things is at hand. Watch therefore and be sober unto prayer, do you but sleep as my beloved Peter, James and John. Could ye not watch for one hour with me? I desire to show mercy to all who sincerely do not know me and have been harmed greatly by the serpent. Deceived. So many are deceived. I AM justice, and shall serve it in full. Vengance is mine. I will repay. I desire and will good for men. I will restore you to health and heal you of your wounds. I will restore to you the years the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. Taste and see that I the LORD am good. Come out from among her. Forsake the harlot whom hates me and seeks your demise. Rise up loves…shine Dry bones live. My glory rests upon thee. Go forth into green pastures. For the last shall be first and the first shall be last. To all whom are seated in the back, move up front here with me. To all whom have denied self, picked up their cross and followed me…Beloveds your rewards are great. I have seen your struggle. Felt your pain, wearing it in union with you as my own. Your tears I have collected in my bottle. You have reaped a great harvest of unending joy. I annoint your head with the oil of gladness where once the pierce of despair weighed it down with sorrow. Lift up thy head my chosen dove. Behold my face. For you are chosen..called and favored of thy God. You are a reflection of my passion, my being, whom are my hands of love, feet of good news unto your brethren for your lips pour forth my honey. The hour has come to dine with me at my table, in which I shall remove the gall. Enjoy all I have prepared for those whom love me. I have longed for thee with fervour, and I greet thee with love and joy. I AM overwhelmed by my love for you. Your love is a sweet smelling savor that is pleasing and most sweet unto me. Come higher my doves…behold an open door, a banquet.
Jesus Christ

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