RESTORATION – Kizito John Kizito



February 21, 2022 3:42 PM
kizito john kizito

DREAM DATE 21/02/2022

Setting; African urban rural
Trees within homesteds.

One in an aircraft looks down in the villages to find if he can identify anything. Only one village name is identified from high-up in the aircraft (Kabaagala)

Setting changes: Iam still in the villages trying to setup a home which one can identify while high-up in the sky. I construct one beautiful home in the woods with a golden drive way, I write “The republic of Uganda” The aircraft high-up identifys my place. The identifier is happy.

Setting, Airport, A diginitory with a convoy Leaving.I enter a departure and arrivals launge.
A freind is leaving I don’t remember who he was. He is giving out foreign money to people around. He identifys me he is happy. Looks for all the remaining money he has brings it to me. It was much I put it in the jacket. A airport waitress approaches me and says the chief director of the airport is coming out and is interested in seeing me. We queue waiting. She comes promising to restore all that my adversary had taken from me and admonishing of why I had stopped reminding her. I told her that I had deeply let it go

I wakeup from the dream. It is 01.30 am.
I ponder the meaning. I open the bible (Good news) instantly. It is psalm 14.all. It is about restoration

I open bible concordance looking for 1.30
Hebrew: א דמיTransliteration: ‘ĕdômîy
Pronunciation: ed-o-mee’
Definition: Patronymic from H123; an {Edomite} or descendant from (or inhabitant of) Edom: – Edomite. See H726 .
KJV Usage: Edomite(s) (11x), Syria (1x).
Occurs: 12
In verses: 12
Greek: αἱματεκχυσία
Transliteration: aihmatekchusia
Pronunciation: hahee-mat-ek-khoo-see’-ah
Definition: From G129 and a derivative of G1632; an effusion of blood: – shedding of blood.
KJV Usage: shedding of blood (1x).
Occurs: 1
In verses: 1


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