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Rest in peace, America – Steve Holmes

Rest in peace, America

January 19, 2021 9:55 PM
Steve Holmes

a word spoken by Steve Holmes

January 19, 2021

“The people have spoken, despite the corruption and rigged election, the people have chosen to have darkness in this nation, and darkness they shall have. Do not fear, my children, I will protect you and hide you under the shadow of my wings. Be in prayer, be holy and do not get caught up in the violence that the lawless have planned. It will not resolve anything. I have not forsaken you and I never will. You must accept that all nations and all men are mine and I will do as I choose in light of eternity for those I have called to be mine.

Babylon has fallen, my children. Put your eyes upon me and my kingdom, for my kingdom is not of this fallen, sinful world, and you are citizens of my eternal kingdom- heirs of mine and joint heirs with my son who gave up all and was sacrificed on your behalf. Lead your willing countrymen to salvation through faith in me as darkness surrounds them and my light shines through you. Desperate times will be upon you very shortly, and many will lose their lives to senseless violence because of the hate that grows like fungus in darkness. That which is exposed to the light becomes purified, and my cry to you is to live in the light and to purify your heart and soul as well as your heavenly wedding garments so that you might stand blameless and holy before me without spot, wrinkle or any such thing on the day I call you home.

Do not love your life in this fallen and unrepentant world, rather, live your life before me, my children, for it is written, “They that worship the father must worship him in spirit and in truth.” Also, “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Great darkness is coming upon your nation, even now. Your God Almighty is not going to “Make America Great Again.” It is too late for that. And though your hearts are and will be sad and disappointed, I have allowed the people to choose their destiny nationally as well as eternally. Comfort one another.

America has chosen a path to destruction despite my many, many years of pleadings and warnings to repent. Alas, in the time since your election, the lies, corruption and sins have been revealed and yet the opportunity to repent has been largely ignored. I will not force a people or a nation to choose righteousness or it would not be their free choice. What was once a great nation has become a lover of sin, death darkness and even of it’s own destruction.

Worse, your nation has become a cancer and a blight to other nations that struggle to survive because you export your corruption throughout the world, bringing darkness and death far and wide for profit and evil gain.

I cannot help you, America. You have made your choice to defy me and set your own destiny. You are no longer the land of the free and the brave but a fortress of shamelessness and depravity. Your days are numbered. My judgment is now set based upon the choices you have made. I will no longer have my name associated with your empire of self-sustaining, imperialistic wickedness. As a nation, America is now my enemy. You no longer honor me and I shall no longer honor you. You have squandered your last opportunity to repent, and that grieves me.

Prepare to literally be under fire and destroyed: a great war comes for which you are not at all prepared and you will be forced to surrender to your merciless enemies who have no regard for your welfare or your lives what-so-ever.

I am the great I AM and I have spoken and decreed an end to this nation that abhors me and my righteousness. I am not subservient to you, America, I am God Almighty and you will bow before my righteous throne of justice, no longer benefitting from my great mercy, for you have rejected it and cast it away as dung. Woe unto you, Babylon the Great, for you are altogether fallen and into the pit you chose and you shall go there as all nations do who forget me.

Saith Yahweh, God Almighty.

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