Rest in ME – M Goss

Rest in ME

Aug 19, 2019, 9:59 AM
M Goss


Instead of trying to rise up. Just lay down.
Rest in ME
Don’t make a sound.
Can you see, can you hear MY creation calling to ME? MY adversary wants it so that you cannot hear MY voice.
To drown out the sounds of MY creation.
MY people perish for lack of knowledge, MY knowledge.
They want their will to be done not mine.
They think they know ME, know the truth, but so so many are deceived.
If they would simply turn to ME with all of their hearts, minds and souls, they would understand, they would know MY plans, MY desires, MY heart.
They desire the production’s of this world. They have traded the truth for a lie.
They believe I need them to effect and enact change on the earth.
Why can’t they see that it is a gift from ME to be a part of MY plan.
Let ME repeat that I CHOOSE to let them be a part of MY plan!
I don’t need them!
The directions are simple LOVE ME and LOVE EACHOTHER!
LOVE CONQUERS ALL. True love can only be found in ME.
So I say it again “Seek first the kingdom of God and MY righteousness and all else will be added unto you. ALL!!!


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