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Rescuing others from FEMA Camp – Victoria Ang

Rescuing others from FEMA Camp

Feb 18, 2020
Victoria Ang

Prophetic dream and vision :

Last night I had a dream where I found myself outside of what looked like a type of prison camp. There were guards standing on platforms and I was made known it was a fema camp. There were people hiding on the outside of this camp so they were not caught by the guards. I was made known I was sent there to help the people on the outside get to a place of safety.

The scene changed and again I found myself in some type of woods where people were very dirty and tired looking as though they had been through much turmoil. I again was made known I was there to help guide them to places of safety that were set up for them.

The dream ended and I was woken to a vision . In the vision I saw myself standing on the ground and all of a sudden in the vision I started being raised off the ground and started floating upwards but, just hovered in one spot.

Interpretation Dream:

There are plans that are set up by the Lord for those that will be helping bring in the final harvest. Some people will be led to places of safety, while the plans God has for each person is fulfilled .They will be provided for in a supernatural way.

Vision Interpretation :

The time is so very very close for those that will be helping bring in the final harvest, to leave !

Be encouraged! And stay in prayer, as we wait on the Lord!

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