Repent or Perish! – Cheryl

Repent or Perish! – Cheryl

AUGUST 8, 2018

I have indeed called for the world’s repentance. That all might find life and not perish. Yet it is true that only a few will take My offer. To repent is to turn away from sin. Look at the compass it will always point to the north, in same, I am the North that those who are mine will be pointed to which is opposite of where sin is. It is like when you put two magnets together they will deflect one another, they can never be compatible. This is the same with the relationship I have with sin. I am repulsed by it. I do not dwell where sin abounds, I judge. I am life, sin is death. My people who are called by My name – are a people who gladly repent. They do so in the humbleness of heart realizing that they must! I do not enter in to any who would not repent from sin. I grant to all the gift of Salvation and those who receive this gift turn from their sin, to enter in to My life, My door. Oh yes, as long as you carry around your body of flesh, you will always battle your greatest enemy – your flesh. It will rise up within you daily to demand its lusts and desires. But I say, ‘crucify it! Deny its demands!’ and take up My cross and follow after Me. For I will put my yoke upon your shoulders and you will be able to bear the hard and difficult road that lies ahead. For make no mistake, those who are mine, walk a hard road. With each step, they will increase in Me and be made into My image. They are a people who do not live to find pleasure in sin but have made a life of repentance – which is to ever turn away from sin to turn to Me. They trust in My power to overcome in their temptation as they move away from it’s pull to face Me. Repentance is what I require of all who are mine, make no mistake – for there is no other way. True, the payment has been made for the power of sin and its judgement and is free for all who would lay hold of it, but this is not license to continue in the very thing that cost My Son His life! His blood covers your sin, but who shall come to My throne to plead for His blood to cover their sin that they boldly continue in? Am I not the same today, yesterday and forever? I hate sin, and My judgement remains upon it – today. Do not be deceived to think that you may claim forgiveness for sin while you continue to live in it! No! My power is for those who would walk worthy of repentance. My love covers a multitude of sins – but do not play with My love. For I love, but I also hate. I hate sin. Do not think that you may continue in sin to be covered in the Son of My love. Repent. For it is your only escape from the judgement that you place upon your own head. Lovers of God will be a people who grow, they will grow in their love for God, and they will grow in their hatred towards sin and will be a people who understand the word and meaning of repentance.

As the Lord gives me these words I usually have extra writing that compliments them that is found on my other blog Way Truth & Life. This one in particular is titled Repent or Perish.


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