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Mt Carmel & Eclipse – Trupti Desai

Elijah slays the prophets of Baal.
Author Unknown

Mt Carmel & Eclipse

APRIL 8, 2024 1:12 AM

The Lord signs his name across America (The Aleph Tav that is the fingerprint of Jesus)

This is a sign in the heavens that he is taking back our nation from the wicked and pronouncing severe judgement. Nothing will stop what the Lord is doing, From 4.8 to 5.18 there will be 40 days to repent till the day of Pentecost.

Amos 5:18
King James Version
18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! to what end is it for you? The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light.

Amos 5 is talking to individuals that the possibility for repentance is still possible. as the Lord pronounces judgement on the kingdom of Israel. They can still set themselves apart from their wicked nation to seek good so that they may live.

After this day you will see many wicked dominoes fall including the demise of the Pope. The Lord said many Kings/Elites would fall this year. Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild have already been removed this year. Watch as mega pastors fall as well. The Lord is closing down many of these wicked churches.

There will be a great cleansing and separation of the wheat from the tares. The Lord will overturn the tables of those whose master is money and not the Lord.
Come out of Babylon and turn away from your sin and repent before it is too late. The 40 days after the eclipse are critical for repentance. The Judgement of the Lord will be very severe including major earthquakes.

The Lord had given warnings regarding New York and the first earthquake was a warning. The second one will be catastrophic. Los Angeles is also going to experience a major earthquake this year.

The prophets of Baal CERN, NASA, Elite and Media) will bring their biggest weapons of destruction and deception to the fight and try to prove that they are stronger and have the audacity to try and break the veil to obtain the God particle.

When Nimrod built the tower of Babel he wanted to attain access to the heavens and topple the Almighty.  CERN is attempting to perform the same. In no universe will the enemy be successful in this regard. The Lord gave me many words about Mt Carmel sending out an invitation to the enemy to meet him at Mt Carmel and see who wins. It will be a great reckoning and fire will destroy the plans of the enemy and will backfire.

Note: Mt Carmel will have one the longest durations of totality. Both Mt Carmel and Little Egypt are in Illinois where the 2017 and 2024 Lines of Totality cross creating the name of the Alpha and Omega.

There are no coincidences with the Lord. He has the master plan and laughs at the plans of the wicked. The Lord said this year is a year of death and resurrection. (Cicadas are not locusts and are not destructive and are associated with resurrection). It will be a deafening sign to proclaim the beginning of a new season and resurrection of the true church of our Lord Jesus and miraculous signs to follow with Pentecost. We are now truly moving into the Book of Acts.

Call out the name of Lord Jesus and pray Psalm 91.

Have no fear as Lord Jesus has defeated fear. Fear is the spirit of the enemy. Our Lord Jesus will have the final say and is always victorious!

Blessings and Shalom beloved ones.


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