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Repent America! – Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess

Repent America!
Aug 7, 2014

America, the beautiful, is going down. She would not repent. Now she will reap what she has sown. I see My children there and I will protect them. There will be a few moments of terror, but I come soon thereafter! So do not fret. Stand on My word and rejoice when you see these things because you know:

You are protected by legions of angels.
It will be moments before I retrieve you.
Praise Me in the storm.
Worship Me with joy on your faces.
Pray now for the Lost and for Israel.
Sound the alarm now!

Oh America – your beautiful nation will fall. It will crumble on all sides. The world will weep and say “This is what she deserved” and then will remember her no more. There will be nothing left to entice the world. She will be broken beyond repair. Many will cry out to Me but it will be too late. I run after their hearts now. Pray their heart will turn before this terrible day!

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