REPEAT EVENT – Leah Wheatley


Jul 31, 2019, 7:56 PM
Leah Wheatley

Lately the Lord has been giving me dreams of things to come in the United States. The first one I received was this past fall, and it concerned New York City.

I dreamed I was driving along a highway, observing the aftermath of a catastrophe. I knew in my spirit that I was in NYC. I saw a crashed American Airlines plane on the ground, broken in two pieces and on fire. Burning buildings were in the background. In large white letters were the words “REPEAT EVENT.”

End dream.

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  1. Craig

    9/11 makes so much sense when you view it through eyes of faith. There is no other explanation for why those towers fell. Clearly it wasn’t some hidden conspiracy-but a sign. Instead of repent, every one became fearful and then spread terror instead of take the time to change.

  2. Barb N

    The first 9/11 satanic ritual had been planned for many decades – even before the WTC was built. At the moment the first drone/missile struck the WTC, Bush Jr. was sitting in a classroom of children who were unknowingly chanting/casting a witchcraft spell about planes hitting buildings. The children were being read a book called “ I, Pet Goat.” The satanists created a cartoon video of “I, Pet Goat.”

    A second cartoon video called “I, Pet Goat II” (2) was released several years ago so we know that a second 9/11 is coming… This is likely the “kick-off event” that Jeff Byerly and many others have received prophetic messages about.

  3. Carol

    The text was called “THE Pet Goat”.

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