Dec 3, 2019 6:29 PM
Barbara Francis

Daughter, I want you to speak and encourage my children to remain on the narrow path no matter WHAT THEY SEE OR HEAR. I know how weary you are from this long and difficult journey.Continue to move forward. DON’T STOP. The Adversary knows you… knows where you live , knows your family. He is working relentlessly trying to make you quit and give up. I am always with you. I will never leave you. Continue on your path. It will all make sense when we are together. Rebuke the enemy and he will flee. My power and might can not be measured by man. I have overcome the world .This world is not your home. You belong to me. Don’t ever forget this. You will be with me soon. I LOVE YOU .

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  1. Jebez Lepley

    Oh Lord sister Barbara you get physically beat up a lot. I saw a video of you and your husband years ago before I went through so many spiritual attacks from satan’s sock puppets trying to kill me. I didn’t dought what was said i just didn’t pay attention. I see you have a brace on you wrist. Praise YAH in Jesus name that it isn’t fatal it can be. You are getting the beating of the enemies spirits while the LORD protects me from his attackers who have gotten near me but cannot touch me. Why is it that this should be? Not that I want to trade off spots with you but my what a great person. I got you message about the women and children being kidnapped and what the women will have to do. I share all that I recieve and knew you were right on because a known sock puppet of satan sent me a intimidation video of this reality long before i recieved your message on it. And I can tell you why it’s happening. It is to force us to take a bio metric ID card forerunner to the mark of the beast.

  2. Frank

    Thank you sister for this message I ask all that read this to please pray for my friend he’s and a great spiritual battle right now. Long story short he’s dealing with demons actually attacking him and unfortunately most of the world thinks that schizophrenia they don’t understand what it really is please pray for him. Please pray for me as well because I constantly I’m dealing with anger issues that results out of frustration from trying to show people things that they refuse to see. Especially my family members those that claim they are of God but don’t understand anything that is written in the Bible and are too much in this world.

    Anyway I hate to air my dirty laundry but I need the prayers thank you guys and God bless

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